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Personal and Miscellaneous Correspondence.

Series consists of personal and miscellaneous correspondence of Miki, including letters. greeting and post cards, pamphlets. booklets, poems, and photographs. Includes correspondence with other writers, friends, colleagues, and students, as well as with publications to which he sent submissions. Includes also some correspondence of an academic nature.

Chiyoko Szlavnics

Series consists of original drawings, scores, handwritten notes and revisions, book/booklets and other materials relating to Szlavnics’ Gradients of Detail. Gradients of Detail was composed by Szlavnics in 2005 especially for Montreal-based string quartet Quatuor Bozzini. Szlavnics compositional process is closely affiliated with her line drawings which became the graphical representation of the score. This visual score was essential to represent the slow sustains and glissandi found throughout this work. The scores are meant to be read from left to right as time (in seconds) and from up to down as the high to low frequency range of pitch, though she cautions against reading this visual representation as exact pitches. These visual artworks must also serve to be art in and of themselves, as that would guarantee that the musical score translated out of it will be strong, according to Szlavnics. She says the forms in Gradients of Detail line drawings are related to the seed pods of the milkweed plant which she drew in Canada in the fall of 2004 just after her father passed away.

Szlavnics, Chiyoko

Kapocs series

Kapocs (“The Link”) is a newsletter created and distributed by alumni of the Sopron Division of Forestry to document the stories and activities of Sopron graduates. The contents of Kapocs are written almost entirely in Hungarian.

Family History series

Series consists of extensive research notes, draft manuscripts and source materials used by Williams in conducting family history research. Copies of "The Bowerman Family, 1379 to the Present: English, American, Canadian" [CS 71 B69 W4] and "The Samuel Williams, Jemima Platt Family" [CS 90 W54] are available in Special Collections as well as in the fonds. Series also includes three postcard albums collected by M.Y. Williams' mother, Carrie Williams and numerous photographs.

Lori Freedman

Series consists of musical scores, notes, sketches, concert programs, DVDs, and audio CDs pertaining to three distinct pieces composed by Lori Freedman: Reimsix, To The Bridge, and Concerto Now and Then. Each piece is unique and pertains to a specific era during Freedman’s long musical career. Reimsix was composed by Freedman in 2011 for the flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano. To The Bridge was composed in 2014 for bass clarinet (clarinet in B-flat) and voice. This piece is composed of five miniatures connected by four bridges, hence the naming of the song. The bridge is where the miniatures arrive or depart from a place. Freedman explains her perspective as, “playing music is equally about composition as it is about interpretation and the spontaneous combination of the two — improvisation.” With this piece, Freedman wants to focus on the interconnection between the composer, the performer and the audience. Concerto Now and Then was composed in 2020 for any five musicians. It has previously been performed with a violin, clarinet, cello, alto saxophone, and double bass.

Freedman, Lori

Military service

This series consists of records that were created and received throughout Lee’s life that relate to her service in the St. John’s Women’s Ambulance Corps.

Records include original materials from Lee’s period of service such as her registration card and her copy of the elementary drill manual. The majority of this series is records relating to the commemoration and recognition of World War II and its veterans and Lee’s involvement in organizing to make such events happen. These records include correspondence and ephemera relating to her participation in Canada’s Memory Project; meeting minutes and ephemera documenting Lee’s involvement with the ANAVETS Pacific unit 280 and Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society groups; and several awards and certificates of recognition that Lee received for her service.

Novels series

The series consists of handwritten and typed drafts and manuscripts of McWhirter's novels. The material is arranged into published and unpublished material. In addition, the accrual in 2020 contains "Too Tall for You," an annotated synopsis of a current project.

Reprint series

Series consists of reprints gathered by M.Y. Williams, reflecting his broad interest in geology and natural history. Series is arranged alphabetically by author and, on rare occasions, by subject.

Manuscripts series

The series is divided into two subseries, Textual Materials and Electronic Backups. Textual materials consist of manuscripts of novels and short stories. The arrangement, primarily chronological by published work, also reflects two peculiarities of his writing style. First, he labelled some as the final draft prematurely rather than numbering successive drafts. Some of his novels, therefore, have several "final" drafts. As best as possible, these have been arranged in chronological order. Also, during the creative process and modification of draft versions, Maillard created what he calls "spin-off," including ideas that are developed on the side but never added into storyboards developing the arrangement of the scenes and pages removed from a draft version. Other segments of the spin-off are unidentifiable beyond the novel to which they belong; these have been given a letter designation (A, B, C) to indicate which files were found together. The letter does not imply any sense of order, chronological or otherwise. Spin-offs with uncertain chronology have been filed at the end of each manuscript sub-series with specific research notes and related miscellaneous files. Some files contain UBC-related correspondence. The electronic backup consists of copies of the textual materials.


This series collects albums that created by Lee throughout her life. The albums are primarily thematic in nature and reflect Lee’s connections to political and community groups, her hairdressing career, and her personal life with her family and friends.
In addition to photos of Lee herself, there are many photographs that feature her triplets; politicians and celebrities that Lee encountered throughout her life including Grace McCarthy, Bill Van Der Zalm, and their families; and members of the Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society and Vancouver Chinese Canadian Activity Centre groups.

Committees’ series

This series contains minutes, correspondence, reports, a summary of projects, printed material, memorabilia, photographs, newspaper clippings, amongst other records. Committees in this series include the Research Committee (1947-1959), President's Finance Committee (1951-1962), Committee on Appointments, Re-appointments and Promotions (1951-1959 and 1968-1973), Committee of Academic Deans (1962-1973), Board of Governor's Committees (1969), Geological Science Centre Committee (1969-1971), Aquatic Facilities – President's Planning Coordinating Committee (1975-1977), Committee on Gerontology (1976-1980), Audit Committee (1977), Faculty Review Committees (1979-80), B.C. Forecasting Committee (1978-1983), and the Budgetary Reduction Committee (1984). Also included are committees on developing a downtown presence for UBC, discrimination and harassment, ethics, employee and family assistance, art, First Nations research, FOIPPA, Japanese studies, and many others. President's Task Force on International Education, Liaison Recruiting and Admissions are also present. President Committee records can also be found in the Continuing and Permanent File series, the Central Office file series and the Senate Committee series. The latest accrual of Committee records is digital-born records from the President's Advisory Committee on Campus Enhancement or PACCE. These records include minutes on the committee's activities and an annual report from 2019-2020.

Card Indexes series

Series consists of six file drawers of index cards generated by M.Y. Williams in his research and one box of index cards documenting his map collection.


Series consists of photographs, including scans and born digital photographs, depicting Peter Carl Anderson as subject. Spanning childhood, career, and life leading toward retirement. Many productions, not related to Caravan Farm Theatre, are described in the digital file names.

Ana Sokolović

Series consists of musical scores, handwritten notes and sketches, and a manuscript of the printed first version of Il divertimento barocco (“Baroque Fun” in Italian) 1999 with hand-written edits and other unique manuscript material related to the work’s revision in 2019/2020. The piece was commissioned by the Orchestre baroque de Montréal with funding from Canada Council for the Arts and completed by Sokolovic in 1999, when it was performed at the Salle Pierre-Mercure in Montréal on November 4th. It was originally written for violin, harpsichord, and string ensemble, but has also been performed by baroque flute, violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord at the Galerie Montcalm in Gatineau, QC in 2012.

Sokolović, Ana

Published Papers series

This series contains published journal papers by Granirer. In addition, the series comprises paper corrections, correspondence, and work with Anthony Lau, including math propositions and a notebook.

Correspondence series

Series consists of incoming and copies of outgoing correspondence. Series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject.


Series consists of manuscripts and sections of manuscripts from poems, novels, plays, essays, and other written works by Hood.

Files consisting of many short texts, or untitled texts, have simply been named "Manuscripts." In all other cases, existing file names have been respected or, where available, have been attributed by the archivist according to the manuscript contained in the file.

Photograph Albums

Series contains photograph albums of various railways, elevators, and bridges associated with Swan's career as an engineer. Series also holds two other photographs outside of albums containing Swan and his associates and military Battalion.

Advocacy and Bargaining

The series contains records pertaining to the AUCE’s efforts to advocate for their members and bargain as a collective unit. Record types include agendas, minutes, and dockets of the Annual Conventions and Special Conventions held by AUCE, agenda and minutes of the meetings of the General Membership, contracts documenting the collective agreements between the workers and employers, and records of conferences, strikes, working conditions, news releases, as well as training records on stewardship, bargaining, striking and picketing.
While many of the records relate directly to equal pay, increased benefits, and cost-of-living increases, the advocacy and bargaining efforts of the union also changed in response to the changing provincial government and University of British Columbia administrative measures.
With the 1983 election and the introduction of the Social Credit Government, the union worked with other labor organizations throughout the province, forming the province-wide Solidarity Coalition to resist the conservative measures being proposed through legislation. The records also reflect the related efforts to defeat Bill 19, introduced by Bill Vander Zalm in 1987, which directly affected labour unions and their right to strike.
The union also directly opposed choices made by the UBC administration including a decision to bring in Ritchie & Associates, a management consulting firm to assess efficiency in the workplace, as well as budget cut-backs. This resulted in the formation of the UBC. Campus Community Alliance. These and other specific efforts are documented in the series.

Family Documents series

Series consists of genealogical charts, notes, correspondence, photographs, and wills from members of the Warren family.

Dorothy Chang

Series consists of final scores, edited scores, notes, and a musical program related to Dorothy Chang’s composition Gateways: Double Concerto for Erhu and Piano. Gateways was commissioned by Nicole Ge Li and Corey Hamm of the Piano-Erhu Project (PEP). Players of the erhu and piano, respectively, they began PEP as a means of exploring the tonal, musical, and cultural blends between two iconic Eastern and Western instruments. For her addition to PEP’s mission, Chang reflected on how she might address the issue of ‘east meets west,’ especially given the solo instruments’ highly distinct and disparate sonic characteristics, performance practices, and musical traditions. Gradually, the piece evolved as a patchwork of musical fragments, moments, and memories gathered from her own multicultural experiences as a first-generation Chinese American, a Western expatriate living in Taiwan, and now an immigrant to Canada. Woven into the three movements are references to a 90’s Chinese pop song, a children’s rhyme, opulent Romanticism, American minimalism, and other influences both subtle and not. The title refers to a Tang Dynasty poem that depicts a gateway as both an opportunity and a barrier, reflecting a deep yearning for a faraway time, place, or memory. The work premiered April 14, 2018 at the VSO Annex Theatre; Ge Li and Hamm served as soloists; William Rowson conducted members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Chang, Dorothy

Produced plays

Series consists of plays written by Peter Carl Anderson and related documentation leading to and reflective of performance of live theatre. Comprised of scripts, sheet music, rehearsal and production notes, administrative files, publicity, photographs, and audio recordings of performances. Plays covered include Caravan Farm Theatre Productions such as Animal Farm; Bull By The Horns; Caravan Music Revue; Hands Up!; Head Over Heels; Horseplay; Law of the Land; Sleigh Ride Christmas Carol; The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw; The Blue Horse; and The Coyotes.

Typed quotation book from Tao Te Ching

Series consists of a small notebook containing typed copies of poems from Tao Te Ching by Lau Tzu, translated by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English, printed by Wildwood House, London. Also included in the notebook is Land of the Reed Plains: Ancient Japanese Lyrics from the Manyoshu, translated by Kenneth Yasunda.

Digital Media series

Includes papers and emails exchanged between James Birren and James E. Thornton and other miscellaneous documents. Please ask archives staff regarding access to digital copies.

Miscellaneous Education series

Series consists of the text of speeches, notes, a draft manuscript, conference proceedings, reports, correspondence, printed material, and photographs about the field of Education.

Athletics History series

This series consists of research compiled by Fred Hume on the history of athletics at UBC. Included is a chronological outline of the history of many of the university’s sports teams and the development of sporting facilities at the university. Materials also contain research on coaches and profile write-ups on sports people for the UBC Sports Hall of Fame. Football programs can be found in this series 1952-2019.


File consists of newspaper and magazine clippings collected by Hood, some of which relate to his publications.

Miscellaneous series

Series consists of assorted memorabilia collected by Somerset, including a photocopy of a land grant to John Somerset and other related documents.

Research Files series

Series consists of notes, photostated documents, and published material collected by Sage in carrying out his research. Series contains two subseries: B.C. History and Canadian History subseries.

Graphic materials

Series consists primarily of family photographs. Other photograph subjects include scenes of Vancouver, particularly Stanley Park, as well as images and objects of historical interest. A small amount of textual material,a drawing, and a print are also included.Files names and order have been respected where they existed.

Musical materials

Series consists of both published sacred, secular, and popular music as well as hand-copied, transcribed music, collected by the members of the Icelandic community in Vancouver. Records include manuscript sheet music, part books, solo sheet music, and etude books; as well as vinyl recordings of various Icelandic music. Documents are arranged into files according to genre of music and language.

The music was collected from V. Baldwinson, the Icelandic Lutheran Church choir, H. Johnson, G. Thorleifson, Anna Camb, Gwen Dowding, E. Sigmar, R. Einarson, J. Goodmundson, R. Rasmussen, O. Stefanson, T. Thorsteinsson, O. Howardson, T. Friđliefosn, R. Ásgeirsson, j. Reykdal, A. Sveinsson, S. Sigurdson, and B. Gudmundson.

Allard School of Law History Project series

Series consists of documentation of the Allard School of Law History Project, including interview consent forms, printouts from the project website, and two USB drives containing digitized copies of the consent forms and digital recordings of the interviews. Access copies are available. However, access to digital-born material will be given on a case-by-case basis; please contact archives staff. Appendix III in the finding aid lists the filenames and formats present on the digital media.

Correspondence series

The series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with friends, fellow writers, publishers and organizations. A large proportion of the correspondence consists of printed emails. The emails were printed out and placed in folders by the donor. Please see the Digital Media series for further correspondence.

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