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Ed Aldredge collection

Subseries consists of 265 photographs taken by Ed Aldredge of notable people, structures, landmarks, and events in Penticton, BC. The subseries consists secondarily of a collection of his published columns in the Penticton Herald and Okanagan Sunday as clippings, mounted in two large scrapbooks.

Aldredge, Edgar Wilfrid

Directors of Nursing of Lower Mainland Hospitals

Beginning in 1964 Directors of Nursing from the Lower Mainland Hospitals met four times a year to discuss common concerns. Mrs. Lillies was key in the early organization. “Topics discussed at meetings included evaluation of personnel, staff orientation, role and licensing of practical nurses, education of clinical nurse specialists and principles and methods of nursing research”.

Subseries consists of one file of minutes of three meetings from 1964-1967 and other material, including a history of the organization from 1964 to 1979.

Audiotape Cassettes

Subseries consists of audio cassettes containing discussions, interviews and lectures relating to nursing topics. These materials are not strongly related to any subfonds so are arranged under this subseries.

CD [and DVD] List

Subseries consists of CDs and DVDs containing material dating from 1990 to 2004. Content includes History of Nursing News publications, photographs, presentations and video productions related to nursing.

Video List

Subseries consists of video cassettes. Consists of materials produced by UBC, British Columbia Nurses' Union, various schools of nursing and published works related to nursing.

Theses, Papers and Dissertations

Subseries consists of theses, paper and dissertations written by nurses for various institutions dating from 1947 to 2012. Some dissertations remain in relevant fonds, if applicable, otherwise these materials are listed under this subseries.

Miscellaneous Photographs

The following photographs may be from one or more of the subfonds, but insufficient information exists to definitely assign them.

Several items in subseries are not photographs, items were assigned photograph numbers previously. Arrangement has been retained upon transfer to RBSC for consistency.

Nursing Ledgers

Subsubseries consists of two ledgers relating to the education of nurses. One is identified as belonging to the Kootenay Lake General Hospital Training School. The other is not identified. They were probably kept by supervising nurses.

Schedules of Nursing Training

Subsubseries consists mainly of records of twenty students from Prince Rupert General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital. Information includes completed application forms, results of medical examinations, student transcripts, evaluations by instructors, reports on students, records of practical procedures performed, reference forms, correspondence, and tuition receipts.

Other material includes a photograph of nurses graduating from the Prince Rupert or Kelowna Hospital, an outline of lectures in ethics, and a nurses’ record book. The latter includes names of nurses, date admitted, information on days worked, and sick leave.

Royal Columbia Hospital School of Nursing Manual

Subseries includes School of Nursing Manual and related documents, including School of Nursing brochure for Royal Columbia Hospital, Isolation Technique manual, and handwritten medical case histories.

Manual includes topics such as Hospital Beds, Damp Dusting a Unit, Care of Linen and Blankets, Bed Baths, Fracture or Orthopaedic Beds, Hygienic Care of Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat, Care and Hygiene of the Mouth, Hygienic Care of Hair, How to Lift Patients, Terminal Cleaning, Application of Binders, Serving Diets, BedPans, Care of Incontinent Patient, Colonic Irrigation, Gastric and Duodenal Suction, Oxygen Therapy, and Crutch Walking. Extensive student notes are also included.

[Photocopy] Photographs of Nursing Sisters in Field Hospitals During WW II

Subsubseries consists of six laser prints, five with a text describing the content. Subjects include “A Blood Transfusion”; “No. 22 Canadian General Hospital”; “Landing in Normandy: Nursing Sisters of No. 10 Canadian General Hospital”; “Members of the Field Surgical Unit —Lt. (N/S) Stephen (Rt.) and Lt (N/S) Hackland; “Mary C. Young and A. Kemp, Lt (N/S) of 12 Canadian General Hospital—in “full marching order”.

History of Nursing Group Displays

The collection consists of a record of B.C. History of Nursing Group displays from 1997 to 2001 in the Woodward Medical Library, the Board Room of the Registered Nurses Association of B.C. building, and the lobby of the RNABC building, with a file of photographs from the Royal Columbia Hospital Nursing Week in May 2006.

The first displays were presented in nine glass cases in the Woodward Biomedical Library at UBC during the spring and summer of 1997 in connection with the International History of Nursing Conference and the Congress of the International Council of Nurses.

In early 1998 the group purchased a display cabinet for the Board Room of RNABC at 2855 Arbutus, Vancouver. At this time the Group also began nursing displays on a bulletin board at the RNABC Library.

In April 2000 the Group purchased a wood and fibre glass dress form to display period nursing uniforms in the lobby of the RNABC building, and further promote interest in the history of nursing.

The majority of the work spent in co-ordinating recent displays, keeping records, and gathering this material, was done by Jill Thompson-Beaudreau, who died in November, 2001. Others involved in the creation of displays include Irene Goldstone, Helen Shore, Janet Gormick, Sheila Zerr, Beth Fitzpatrick, Glennis Zilm, Ethel Warbinek and Nina Rumen.

Most (not all) files contain photographic records of the displays, and most include some description of the exhibit, including the location and the creators of the display.

International History of Nursing Conference

The International History of Nursing Conference was co-sponsored by the Canadian Association for the History of Nursing and the B.C.History of Nursing Group. The conference was held June 12-15, 1997 in Vancouver at St. Paul’s Hospital. Both sponsoring groups aim to discover, disseminate, and preserve nursing history in Canada and British Columbia. The conference was held just prior to the meeting of the International Council of Nurses 21st Quadrennial Congress.

The conference attracted 144 people from 18 countries. Sixty papers were presented on topics including the impact of the World Wars on nursing in Canada, the U.S., Poland, Slovenia, and Germany; religious traditions in nursing; black nurses’ struggles; the impact of traditional Chinese medicine on nursing in China; epidemics; psychiatric nursing development; nursing education; and Florence Nightingale.

Subsubseries consists of delegate packages, schedules, presentations and other related materials. A commemorative scrapbook with 53 photographs is also included, and one wall hanging.

Conferences and Photographs

Subseries consists of records and graphic material relating to conferences and displays. Materials relating to the International History of Nursing Conference hosted in Vancouver, 1997 are included. Extensive photographs and textual materials document the many displays prepared and presented by the BCHNS.

Conference materials

Series consists of programs, proceedings, photographs, and other materials related to the Canadian Association for the History of Nursing conferences.

Photographs in scrapbook format, remain with textual files.

Florence Nightingale related materials

Subseries consists of records concerning biographical information and the contributions of Nightingale to the development of nursing, including a binder on the presentation by the UBC School of Music, Voice and Opera titled “Florence: The Lady with the Lamp.”

Photographs included in the binder remain with the textual files.

Advisory Committee

The History of Nursing Advisory Committee was formed in November 1988 to encourage an interest in and retention of materials relevant to the history of the RNABC.

Subseries consists of agenda, minutes, correspondence and other materials relevant to the mandate of the committee.

Scholarship Committee

The B.C. History of Nursing Scholarship fund was established to provide financial support to nurses registered within B.C. who are pursuing studies in the History of Nursing, or who are carrying out a history of nursing project.

Subseries includes correspondence, scholarship application forms, application materials, the scholarship trust document, minutes, reports and other records pertaining to the selection of Nursing History Scholarship recipients.

Oral History Committee

The Oral History Committee was established in 1981 on the 75th anniversary of the RNABC. Its goal was to capture past and present stories and activities of nurses of the province, and to document the development of nursing. About 1987 the Oral History group was brought under the History group, first as a gesture, then formalized as a full committee of the BCHNG about 1992.

Subseries consists of administrative and operational records of the committee. Includes blank copies of interview forms and consent forms. Various photocopies of published articles written from interviews are included. DVD contains recorded interviews with various individuals in 2010.

Pages of History

Pages of history is an informal way of peer recognition of B.C. nurses deemed to have made a significant contribution to their profession. Anyone could be nominated on payment of a fee.

Records consist of some correspondence and a brief biography and photograph of each person accepted. Many also have biographical files.

Included are: Dr. Beryl K.A. Albee, Barbara Joan Beatty, Ruth Biley, Betty Black, Vivian Mona Blake, Beverly Brewer, Muriel Ruth Brodie, Susan Mary Bruce, Anne S. Cavers, Helen (Betty) Cawston, Ada Mary Conibear, Sheila Copperthwaite, Margaret (Maggie) Diehl, Beverly Marie Witter DuGas, Margaret Duncan, Catherine Anne Ebbehoj, Jean Eilers, Joyce Fergusson, Barbara Gillies, Beryl Golds, Jean Kirstine Griffith, Jane Hassen Sister Mary Victor, Karen Louise Hicks, Dianna Jackson, Margaret Murray Jackson, Marilyn (Lyn) Jackson, Kathleen Gail Jensen, Gwen Kavanagh, Dorothy J. Kergin, Gertrude Richards Ladner, Catherine (Kay) Leask, Clara Lim, Verna L. Lister, Dorothy Byers Logan, Jean Loy, C. Elsie Irene MacDonald, Nancy Lisbeth Malloy, Mary McGovern. Ethel Moorehouse, Esther Paulson, Jessie May Reynolds, Laura Reynolds, Mary L. Richmond, Nana Rogerson, RCH School of Nursing, Nina Rumen, Ruby Siemens, Helen L. Jill Thompson Boudreau, Victoria Louise Tribbeck, VGH School of Nursing, Violet Wait, Ethel Warbinek, Winifred C. Waters, Eva “Billie” Williamson, Carol Lenore Winter, Alma L.B. Witter, Alice Lillian Wright, Sheila Rankin Zerr, Glennis Zilm. Edith Landell Lees, Gloria Stephens, Elizabeth Turner, Dianne Haigh, Mary (Molly) Richards Sarvela, Sylvia (Sally) Lazaruk, Gertrude “Billie” Wiltshire, Fran Gaudreau, Frances Jean Cannon, Monica Frith Green, Jane Lambe, Dorothy May Ladner, Andrea Borsch, Nursing Sister Merle A. (Kerr) MacKay, M. Ferne Trout, Joanne M. Foreman, Mary Winn (Gillespie), Faye Meruser, Ellen Claire Schrodt, Lenore Radom, Donna Fay (Barker) Gordon.

Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection Committee

The Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection was established in 1990 to raise money for the History of Nursing Scholarship Fund and to provide a visual, lasting portrait to honour a friend, family member, or other subject.

Subseries consists of committee reports and documents, booklets prepared by the committee, and information on nurses selected for this project. Many also have biographical files or fonds.

People included are: Elizabeth (Rankin) Bemrose, Emily Susan Patterson, Sister Frances Redmond, Isabelle Maud Hill, Margaret M. Street, Helen K. Mussallem, James William Rankin, Josephine Dyer Rankin, Katerine Yarko Rumen, Ethel and Archie McKenzie, Thurley Duck, Alice Smith, Odessa (Dolly) P. Shore, Luella Catherine Zilm, Sheila J. Rankin Zerr, Rob Calnan, Lois Black, Ethel MacGregor, Alice Lillian Wright, Lenore Radom, Nina Rumen. Dr. Beverly Du Gas and Margaret Stewart Gilmour Esson.

Memorial Book Nominations Committee

Subseries consists of material concerning an historical record that honours deceased RNABC members who deserve recognition for their contribution to nursing in British Columbia. Records include criteria for nominations and information on names submitted.

Editorial Board Committee

The Editorial Board Committee is responsible for the production of the BCHNPPG newsletters. It was formerly called the Newsletter Committee.

Subseries consists of one folder of minutes, correspondence and other records. Subseries also includes the History of Nursing News quarterly publication from 1990-2022, and promotional materials for events organized by the BCHNS.

Archives Committee

The Archives, Artifacts, and Assorted Articles Committee of the BCHNPPG was formed ca. 1992 in order to accommodate artifacts and articles donated by individual nurses. In about 1993 or 1994, under co-chairs Brenda Flynn and Beverly Du Gas, the Committee became conscious of the need to preserve the group’s own records. The name of the committee was changed to the Archives Committee in 1996.

Subseries consists of committee records, including terms of reference and minutes of the Archives, Artifacts and Assorted Articles Committee, and records related to the development of the Group’s policies and procedures regarding archival material.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recorder, and Committee Chairs. Positions carry two year terms.

Subseries consists of records including the Group’s constitution and by-laws; minutes of executive committee meetings and related documents, correspondence, and reports from committees.

Course Materials

Subseries consists of records dating from 1973 to 2011. Materials include articles, study guides and booklets. 1 DVD and 2 CD-R are included containing interviews performed for course teaching.

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