[Kathleen Murray's Photo Album #1] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1184_01_0003 The School Marm (?) Item 1923-08-17
UL_1184_01_0007 And her golden hair. Item 1923
UL_1184_01_0008 Toots! Item 1923-08-22
UL_1184_01_0010 [Portrait of two girls with woman] Item 1923-08-22
UL_1184_01_0012 The Whole D--- Family Item 1923-08-26
UL_1184_01_0015 Gows, Robertsons, and Murrays Item 1923-08-26
UL_1184_01_0016 Jean and I Item 1923-08-26
UL_1184_01_0026 A case of "watch your step" Item 1923
UL_1184_01_0030 I've Done 16 Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0032 Hike around Stanley Park, Misses Bruce and Caspell's Groups Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0038 The Adelaide Item 1924-06
UL_1184_01_0048 Grandma Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0053 Come on in Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0055 Why so sad? Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0056 [Portrait of woman and boy] Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0058 [Portrait of boy and girl] Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0064 My Hairdressing Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0070 Jack in the boat Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0071 Doris and Henry Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0072 Laddie Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0074 What a bite! Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0079 The Robertson Tribe Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0080 My pansies again Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0082 Mother and Daughter Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0083 Three Sisters and a Brother Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0086 Uncle Albert Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0088 K.E. Botany Class Item 1927-06
UL_1184_01_0090 Mr. Conner Item 1927-06
UL_1184_01_0091 View from his porch Item 1927-06
UL_1184_01_0103 Science Building, U.B.C. Item 1928-04-10
UL_1184_01_0116 On the seat at UBC Item 1928-05-10
UL_1184_01_0118 [Portrait of young man and woman. Item 1928
UL_1184_01_0119 Watch those wares? Both kinds. Item 1928
UL_1184_01_0125 Mother and Dad Item 1929
UL_1184_01_0131 Kamloops Item 1928 or 1929
UL_1184_01_0049 Lost - one grouse Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0050 By the Cookhouse Door Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0051 Rozzle - find the door Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0052 I and my two fish Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0059 [Portrait of couple] Item 1924
UL_1184_01_0073 Rollie on the boat Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0075 Aunt Sadie, Laddie, and I Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0076 Me and my dog Item 1925
UL_1184_01_0081 Gram., I, and my specs. Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0084 Cousin Helen Item 1926
UL_1184_01_0092 Somebody's Island Home Item 1927-06-03
UL_1184_01_0093 The Botanists again. Item 1927-06-03
UL_1184_01_0097 Near Ocean Park Item 1927-08
UL_1184_01_0098 Also near Ocean Park Item 1927-08
UL_1184_01_0100 The "Macs" and the Murrays Item 1927-08
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