Lectures, speeches and interviews Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
183-25 David Weir's comp tickets to the 2010 Massey Lectures File October 2010
185-08 Coupland and McCarthy event invitation in Toronto File October 2010
185-22 Letter and thank you card from Wordfest 2009 File October-November 2009
187-08 VHS tapes of interviews on CNN, Newsworld, Bravo, Knowledge Network File 1991 - 1995
188-16 Bill Good interview with Coupland File August 1995
29-12 Material related to a speech given by Coupland at Green College, UBC File ca. 2000
71-14 Notes for a speech on technology File ca 1998
94 The Briefing, a magazine from the Concorde airplane, taken when Coupland performed a reading aboard the Concorde File ca. 2002
BC-2121/1146-1147 Two colour promotional slides from Close Personal Friend exhibit File 2003-2004
106 Annotated tour copy of Hey Nostradamus File ca. 2004
108-01 VHS tape interview of Coupland on Fine Print television show [moving images] File ca. 2005
108-06 VHS tape of interview with Coupland [for the television show Emission 39?] File 2003-2004
108-09 VHS tape of Coupland’s 2002 IdeaCity lecture File 2003-2004
119-4 Posters for Coupland’s Hey Nostradamus reading events File ca. 2003
179-11 Smith Foundation luncheon program File 7 Jun. 2009
10-11 Speech to Vancouver Art Gallery docents regarding Floating World installation piece File 1987-1991
48-09 Material related to Coupland’s 2004 speech to Lower Canada College File ca. 2004
108-03 VHS tape of 24 Hours in Vancouver, hosted by Coupland, produced by French language television stations [moving images] File 2003
175-35 Booksmith author trading card File [1998?]
177-22 French language event poster featuring Coupland File 2008
179-10 UK publicity schedule for Generation A File Aug. - Sep. 2009
181-19 Presentation notes regarding CFFF memorial concept to NCC File [ca. 2008]
185-06 Player One hour four text and travel arrangements File 2010
189-12 Taped interviews from Imprint and the Dini Petty Show File [1991?]
190-03 Radio interviews featuring Coupland File 1991 - 1995
6-08 Documents from Trudeau Foundation speech File 2008
106 Reading copy of Girlfriend in a Coma File ca. 2000
108-02 VHS tape of Fashion Television episodes featuring Coupland [moving images] File 2002
109-2 Audiotape of interview with Coupland on WNYC, a n New York radio station File 2004-2005
175-31 Dutch-language event poster File 1998
16-07 Notes and other material from a speech by Coupland given to the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors File 1999
27-09 Publicity and lecture notes for Coupland’s "Arts Last Lecture" speech at UBC, 2008 File 2006-2008
51-07 Pre-interview correspondence for Coupland’s appearance on the Today Show File 1992-1994
55-14 Draft of 2000 "Duthie Lecture" at the Vancouver Writer’s Festival File 2000
79-14 Coupland’s notes for a speech to ECIAD to accept the receipt of his honorary degree File ca. 2000
99-12 Correspondence and promotional material relating to a 2001 lecture given by Coupland File ca. 2001
102-07 Notes and other documents from a Canadian Art Gallery gala dinner, hosted by Coupland File ca. 2005
106 Annotated copy of Girlfriend in a Coma File ca. 2000
106 Book tour reading copy of All Families are Psychotic File ca. 1998
106 Coupland’s reading copy of JPod File ca. 2006
109-1 Audiotape interview of Coupland and Bill Gibson for Mon Amour, Mon Parapluie, a French film shot in Vancouver, starring Coupland [sound recording] File ca. 2000
177-04 Contemporary Art Gallery program, emceed by Coupland File 2006
177-33 Terry Fox Monument unveiling speech File 2011
183-27 Canadian Firefighters Memorial annotated presentation notes File [2010?]
183-28 Massey lecture tour schedule File 2010
185-15 Receipt from Wordfest 2009 File October 2009