Lisa Snider Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
01-07 Where do I come in [Postcard] File [191-?]
01-13 Howdy Club Souvenir [Photograph] File ca. 1937
01-14 Womyns Centre UBC [T-shirt] File [1989-1990?]
01-16 I get this way from kissing girls [T-shirt] File [1990-1992?]
01-18 [Abstract Gender Symbol Design - T-Shirt] File [1990-1992?]
01-20 Have a gay holiday [Button] File ca. 1990
AR-07 Button Item ca. 1990
02-01 I love the ladies [Sheet Music] File ca. 1914
01-03 Miss Hetty King [Postcard] File 02-Nov-05
SPC-02 Audio Cassette Item
PH-01 Carte De Visite Item ca. 1875-1885
01-12 Mrs Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits SF Miss Mayris Chaney [Photographs] File October 1939
AR-04 T-shirt Item [1990-1992?]
02-02 I've got the time I've got the place but it's hard to find the girl [Sheet music] File ca. 1910
01-01 Miss Vesta Tilley [Postcard] File 11-Jul-03
01-02 Miss Vesta Tilley [Postcard] File 24-Feb-04
01-04 Louis Vernassier protee musical excentrique dans son travesti-dame [Postcard] File [Before 1910]
SPC-01 Audio Cassette Item
01-09 Barbara McClinon [Cassette] File ca. 1990-1991
01-10 Lesbian Show [Cassette] File 04-Apr-91
AR-02 T-shirt Item [ca. 1990]
AR-03 T-shirt Item [1990-1992?]
01-19 If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution [T-shirt] File [1990-1992?]
AR-06 T-shirt Item [1990-1992?]
01-05 Freda Danilo, Male Impersonator [Postcard] File [191-?]
01-06 I hate to see a woman do a mans job [Postcard] File [191-?]
01-08 QQ Show Dykes in Space I+D [Cassette] File 07/06/1990
SPC-03 Audio Cassette Item
01-11 [Charlotte Cushman as Romeo - Carte De Visite] File ca. 1875-1885
PH-02 to 07 Photograph Negatives Item October 1939
PH-08 Photograph Item ca. 1937
AR-01 T-shirt Item [1989-1990?]
01-15 PrideVision TV [T-shirt] File [ca. 1990]
01-17 Visibility = Life [T-shirt] File [1990-1992?]
AR-05 T-shirt Item [1990-1992?]