Manuscripts: essays, poems, and presentations Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Altered states: global currents, the spectral nation, and the production of "Asian Canadian" : drafts File 2000-2002
34-6 Can Asian Adian? Towards an ethics of reading "Asian Canadian" : drafts File 1998-2001
35-2 From exclusion to inclusion: the "Writing thru race" conference for First Nations writers and writers of colour: drafts and correspondence File 1994
35-5 Growing up Japanese Canadian: speech: drafts File 1987
35-9 Miscellaneous drafts: essays and talks (II) File [ca. 1985-2002]
37-5 Unclassified subjects: question marking ‘‘Japanese Canadian" identity: drafts File 1997
37-8 William Carlos Williams: essay drafts and correspondence File [ca. 1979-1981]
37-9 Within the barbed wire fence: a Japanese man ‘s account of his internment in Canada: review File 1980
113-07 There/ MS reading copy File [200-]
114-08 Drafts [1 of 2] File 2009-2017
34-3 Asiancy: making space for Asian Canadian writing: drafts and correspondence File 1993-1995
34-7 "Can I see your ID?" : writing the race codes that bind: drafts File 1997
34-8 Coming home: a community imagined: speech: drafts File 1992
34-11 Estuaire no.75: section edited by Roy Miki: drafts File 1994
35-11 Miscellaneous drafts: poems (I) File [ca. 1980-2002]
36-2 Miscellaneous drafts: talks on redress File [1983-1986]
36-7 Redress: the political process: speech: drafts File 1990
36-9 Shikata Ga Nai: contemporary art by Japanese Canadians: speech: drafts File 1989
114-09 Drafts [2 of 2] File 2009-2017
34-9 The drama of Japanese Canadians: late night reflections on Another morning by Steve Pitch: draft File 1988
34-3 From Puritanism to Edwards towards Emerson: from theology to aesthetics: graduate studies essay File 1972
35-7 A mid initial on bp nichol s gifts: in Tad 6 File 2001
36-1 Miscellaneous drafts: poems (II) File [ca. 1980-2002]
36-3 Miscellaneous drafts: talks on redress File [ca. 1989-1992]
36-5 Redress: the personal inflected: speech: drafts File 1991
36-6 Portable possibilities with Hiromi Gob and Baco Ohama: presentation: drafts File 2002
37-3 The subject of subjectivty: drafts File 1991
37-6 Unravelling Roy Kiyooka: a re—assessment amidst shifting boundaries: drafts File [1999-2002]
37-7 "What 's a racialized text like you doing in a place like this? reforming boundaries, negotiating borders in English CanLit studies: drafts File 1996
34-2 The Asian infusion of Vancouver: presentation File 2001
34-4 Asiancy: Japanese translation File 1997
34-5 Broken Entries: re-inking The martyrology: drafts File 1998
34-10 The ends of "multiculturalism": Some notations towards an "Asian Canadian" reading: drafts File [199-?]
35-1 The experience of Japanese Canadians: speech: drafts File 1993
35-4 From territory to site.’ writing Vancouver: drafts and correspondence File 1992 - 1993
35-6 The internal dynamics of an awakening community: the Japanese Canadian redress movement: speech: drafts File 1993
35-8 Miscellaneous drafts: essays and talks (I) File [ca. 1985-2002]
35-10 Miscellaneous drafts: essays and talks (III) File [ca. 1985-2002]
36-4 Obasan: presentation: drafts and correspondence File 2000
36-8 Selected bibliography File [1986]
37-1 Sliding the scale of elison: ‘‘race" constructs/cultural praxis: drafts File [199-?]
37-2 The struggle for justice: the Japanese Canadian redress issue: speech: drafts File [198-?]
37-4 Turning in, turning out: the shifting formations of ‘‘Japanese Canadian" from uprooting to redress: drafts File [2002-2003]
113-06 Drafts/essays/talks File 2008-2014