Manuscripts: Miscellaneous Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
04-03-01 The Theatre Guild Inc. Item n.d.
04-03-06 Articles typed out of newspapers Item 1924-1925
04-03-09 Mailing List Resulting from Tour Item n.d.
04-03-14 Northwest Writers of the States of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (list of addresses) Item n.d.
04-03-18 Mailing List Item n.d.
04-03-19 Lords of the Air. Copies for Review to… Item n.d.
04-03-03 Bruun, Geoffrey Item n.d.
04-03-15 List of Prospects for Recital Tickets Item n.d.
04-03-16 Addresses from Junior Art League Item n.d.
04-03-20 Fifth Column N Poetry sent to… Item n.d.
04-03-04 Meeting of Vancouver Poetry Society held at Mr. & Mrs. Dalton's home. Item Saturday, April 3, 1926
04-03-07 A.M. Stephen… Private Mailing List Item n.d.
04-03-08 Mailing List… Personal Friends or Acquaintances Item n.d.
04-03-10 League of Western Writers Inc. Item n.d.
04-03-11 Literary Agents (list of addresses) Item n.d.
04-03-12 Brown Earth and Bunch Gras… Canadian Daughters' League (list of addresses) Item n.d.
04-03-17 Shakespeare Society (list of addresses) Item n.d.
04-03-21 Temporary for Verendrye Item n.d.
04-03-02 Coleman, Bromley Item n.d.
04-03-05 Unidentified poem called "Canada" Item n.d.
04-03-13 Chapter Officers League of Western Writers (list of addresses) Item n.d.
04-03-22 List of People to Whom Circular About Christmas Books should be sent Item n.d.