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80-10-7 Memo re Voluntary Restraint Agreements Limiting Exports to The US -Background Paper on the US-Japan Automobile Trade Agreement of June 28, 1995 File 1995
80-10-10 Corresp. To Mike Apsey re: US Trade Situation – Environmental Aspects File 1995
80-11-1 Corresp. To Hon. Roy MacLaren re: border measures as a possible solution to the softwood lumber problem File 1995
80-11-3 Corresp. Ira Shapiro and Paul Joffe re: Outline of changes which the British Columbia Government is prepared to make in return for US commitment of secure market access for softwood lumber File 1995
80-11-6 Ambassador Chretien's Letter to Members of the House Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees File 1995
80-11-7 Corresp. To Michael Carliner, NAHB re: Factsheet Regarding Canadian Lumber File 1995
80-11-10 Paul Joffe's memo to Rob Wright on the topic Standing of US Industry to Bring a CVD Action File 1995
80-11-11 Memo re Comments on NAHB Questions File 1995
80-11-12 NAHB Letter to Commerce Secretary File 1995
80-12-1 Memo re: Comments on BC Papers File 1995
80-12-3 Memo re: Trade Resources Estimates File 1995
81-2-5 Corresp. to John Marritt, ILMA re: Forest Service selling logs - whether they should continue , or expand the log sales approach to selling public timber File 1996
81-4-5 Corresp.. To Interior re definition of dimension lumber use for customs officials File 1996
81-4-6 Letter for submission to Federal Cabinet Ministers and others File 1996
81-4-7 Corresp. Mike Apsey re: Legislative Aspects of a Proposed Settlement for Softwood Lumber File 1996
81-4-9 Corresp. To Mike Apsey re: independent mills exporting through lumber wholesaler or remainder not be excluded from the export process File 1996
81-5-1 Corresp. To Hon. Arthur Eggleton re Canada-US Softwood Lumber Trade File 1996
81-6-3 Corresp. To Hon Saunderson re: Soliciting support and intervention regarding the softwood lumber issue – between Ontario and the US File 1996
81-7-5 Memo re. Monitoring of Canada Softwood Lumber Exports File 1996
81-7-7 Memo re Draft Umbrella Agreement - recommended changes File 1996
81-10-1 Corresp., Re; Quebec industry up in arms with process - have been misled by Quebec Government File 1996
81-10-2 Corresp . To Dan Evans, BCMOF re: NGJ Trade Update Jones, Michael File 1996
81-11-1 Corresp.. To Jean-Pierre Grenon re: Quebec Sawmills that produce lumber from logs originating in the US File 1996
81-11-2 Corresp. To Hon. Kantor re: Draft Agreement - Representation on Injury by the US Industry File 1996
81-12-9 Corresp.. To Brian Zak, CFLA re: BC Inc. Steering Cttee., regarding lumber quota contrary to US Antiturst or Canadian competition laws - Border Export Measures -Canadian Wholesalers: Status in Terms of the US Quota Restrictions File 1996
82-1-3 Memo re: Draft Softwood Lumber Agreement File 1996
82-1 Memo to Claudio Valle, DFAIT re: BC Industry Comments on EICB Draft Questionnaire -Update - US Softwood Lumber Situation File 1996
82-2-9 Corresp.. To Ambassador Ira Shapiro re: appreciation in dedication and perseverance in concluding the Softwood Lumber Agreement File 1996
82-4-1 Corresp.. To Jake Kerr re: Quota application becoming political File 1996
82-4-5 Corresp. To Claudia Valle re: Quotas File 1996
82-4-6 Corresp.. To Mike Apsey re: Profile of Appleton & Assc.Appleton & Assc. File 1996
82-5-9 Memo re: Canadian Wholesaler/Distribution and Remanufacturing Group File 1996
82-5-13 Corresp.. Anna Terrana to Min. Art Eggleton re: BC's 59% of softwood lumber quota File 1996
82-5-19 Corresp.. To Hon. Kantor re: congratulations on the conclusion of the Softwood Agreement with Canada File 1996
82-6-1 Memo re: Draft Principal Elements of the Quota Allocation File 1996
82-7-3 Memo re: B.C. Softwood Lumber Trade Council regarding quota - not using quota / transferring quota /use or lose concept. File 1996
82-7-5 Corresp To Export and Import Controls Bureau re: International Forest Products Ltd. Position on the Lumber Quota Allocation File 1996
82-7-6 Memo from Ike Barber re: talk to Quebec contact File 1996
82-7 Corresp. To Hon. Lloyd Axworthy re: Export AllocationUnion of BC File 1996
82-8-1 Corresp.. To John Kerr re: Expressing support for the Canada-US Agreement-in-Principal File 1996
82-8-2 Memo re: BC's Position Paper with Respect to "New Capacity" and the Administration Thereof - Draft File 1996
82-8-3 Corresp.. To Bryan Hannay re: Revenue Canada -deductibility of CVD File 1996
82-9-3 Corresp.. To Hon. Art Eggleton re Allocation of Tariff Rate Quotas. (Ontario Forestry Industry Association and Ontario Lumber Manufacturers' Assn.) File 1996
82-9-5 Memo to Mike Apsey re: Wholesaler Allocation File 1996
82-9-9 Corresp.. Re Meeting with Mme. Jocelyn Bourgon, Clerk of the Privy Council re: quotas for the wholesalers File 1996
82-9-11 Corresp.. To Hon. Art Eggleton re: The Question of Whether Wholesalers Should Have Quota File 1996
82-10-6 Corresp.. To Hon Art Eggleton re; Business as usual with Canadian softwood lumber wholesalers File 1996
82-11-2 Memo re: US CVD Threat - Canadian Panel Products File 1996
82-11-5 Corresp.. To Mike Apsey Re: Woodland Forest Products By, John was mistakenly registered under the same EICB number (442504) as Woodland Lumber Ltd. File 1996
82-11-7 Corresp. to Slocan Re: Candidates for Compliance Assessment File 1996
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