Miscellaneous articles or items about or pertaining to Sir Charles Scott Sherrington Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
3-01 Miscellaneous articles or items File 1952-1971
2 The Royal Society Item 1917-11-03
4 Handwritten draft of a speech by A.V. Hill Item 1920
5 A review of Sherrington's “Integrative action of the nervous system” Item 1947-12-06
6 A typescript section on Lacock Abbey Item 1837
9 Sir C. Sherrington, O.M. Item 1952-03-6
1 A book review of “Lectures on the method of science” by T.B. Strong Item 1906-07-11
3 “The community control of diphtheria”, British medical journal Item 1927-05-21
3-04 Invitations, Menus and Pamphlets File 1909-1957
3-08 Book reviews File 1940-1953
5 Book reviews of “The endeavour of Jean Fernel” Item 1947-09-06
7 Thoughts on reading Sherrington's Man on his nature”. Item 1944-12-30
10 Sinclair, Hugh M. “Integrative action in physiology: A tribute to Sir Charles Sherrington on the 90th birthday Item 1947
11 Adrian, E.D., Book review of The integrative action of the nervous system Item 1947-11-08
10 A handwritten manuscript, notes for article on Sherrington, by Sir John C. Eccles Item 1952?
12 Charles Scott Sherrington from The Lancet Item 1952-03-15
13 Memorial tribute, Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, O.M Item 1952
16 Huxley, Sir Julian, “The importance of Sherrington” Item 1958-05-16
18 LeFanu, William, A few recollections of Sir Charles Sherrington Item 1971-03-24
1 A proof-copy of Gosta Ekehorn's Sherrington's Endeavour of Jean Fernel and Man on his Nature Item 1947
2 Lundholm, Helge, “The psychological self in the philosophies of Kohler and Sherrington Item 1946
3 Xeroxed pages from Geoffrey Lapage's Man against disease Item 1964
4 A list of published papers and articles by CSS Item 1964?
08 “In Memoriam” for W.B. Hadden Item 1893
9 Extracts from an article (source unknown), “The planets and the moon”. Item n.d.?
4 “Sir Charles Scott Sherrington and diphtheria antitoxin” Item 1948
5 “Britain and Medicine” MD of Canada Item 1964
6 Two xerox copies of The Sphinx (Students' Magazine, University College) Item 1898
3-06 B.B.C. of CSS reading from The physical basis of the mind File 1948-12-29
2 The 90th birthday of Sir Charles Scott Sherrington Item 1947-11-22
4 Brain, Sir Russell, “Brain and mind”, Item 1947-09-06
8 Carbon copy of a letter (unsigned) from G. Lambertini to Sir John Carew Eccles, Item n.d?
9 Sherrington, Sir C.S., “The physical basis of mind”, Item 1949-05-05
1 A book review by Matthew J. Wayner Item 1966-1967
7 Fulton, John F., Charles Scott Sherrington Item 1952?
8 Typescript draft of an article by Carr E.R. Sherrington. Item 1952?
11 Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, O.M., a great physiologist Item 1952-03-06
14 Adrian, E.D. “Charles Scott Sherrington” Item 1952
17 Gibson, William C., “Young endeavour" Item 1952?
3-02 Miscellaneous articles or items File 1893-1964
6 Johnstone, Jas., Materialism and vitalism in biology by Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell Item 1930
7 Two obituaries for Lady Makins Item 1931
3-03 Miscellaneous articles or items File 1898-1964
2 A proof for a book review for The Lancet of “A manual of physiology with practical exercises”, by G.N. Stewar Item n.d?
3-09 Articles and book reviews File 1942-1954
1 Book reviews of Goethe on nature and science Item 1942-09-05
3 Advertisement for the second edition of CSS's Man on his nature Item 1951
15 Bates, J.A.V. Centenary of Charles Scott Sherrington Item 1952?
5 Scholderer, Victor, “The early editions of Johannes Vallensis”, Item 1944
3-05 Club Registers and Seating Plans File 1883-1952
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