Papers and documents concerning the "modus vivendi" sealing claims… Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2-09 Drafts and correspondence File 1913-1937
2-12 Memorial of the owners of sealing schooners… File 1898
2-16 Petition to Canadian House of Commons File 1914
2-07 Drafts and supporting material File 1908-1936
2-11 Declaration of John Clark File 1892-1893
2-06 Letter and document drafts File 1906-1932
2-10 Receipts for typing services File 1913-1916, 1928
2-13 Memorial of Canadian sealers respecting their interests… File 1898
2-08 Letter and document drafts File 1902-1933
2-14 Re: memorial respecting the seizure of S.S. "Coquitlam"… File 1898
2-15 In the matter of the seizure by the United States government... File 1898