[Photograph album by Frank Jue] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
CC-PH-00700 [Portrait of Frank Jue] Item [between 1910 and 1919?]
CC-PH-00702 [Procession of children, Portland Rose Festival Children's Parade] Item 1916
CC-PH-00707 [Procession of girls, Portland Rose Festival Children's Parade] Item 1916
CC-PH-00710 [Police Band, Portland Rose Festival Children's Parade] Item 1916
CC-PH-00711 [Children dancing, Portland Rose Festival Children's Parade] Item 1916
CC-PH-00715 [Help fire prevention, Automobile Parade] Item [1916]
CC-PH-00722 Parade king and queen Item [1916]
CC-PH-00726 Automobile Parade Item [1916]
CC-PH-00733 Automobile Parade Item [1916]
CC-PH-00736 Farmers Item 1915
CC-PH-00737 [Portrait of a Chinese man in a suit] Item 1915
CC-PH-00738 W.H.S. Band 1916 Item 1916
CC-PH-00757 Smile Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00758 Crowded Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00760 Chinese students conference Reed College Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00762 Harold Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00765 [Miss Will sitting on a fence] Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00767 [Car driving down the road] Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00770 Horticulture Building Item 1915
CC-PH-00773 Oregon Building Item 1915
CC-PH-00780 [Tower of Jewels, night view] Item 1915
CC-PH-00781 [Tower of Jewels, front view] Item 1915
CC-PH-00782 [Tower of Jewels, back view] Item 1915
CC-PH-00783 [Tower of Jewels, side view from the Avenue of Palms] Item 1915
CC-PH-00784 [Tower of Jewels, back view] Item 1915
CC-PH-00785 Mullgardts Tower Court of Abundance Item 1915
CC-PH-00804 [Group portrait of people at a train station] Item 1916
CC-PH-00805 Mt. Shasta Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00806 "Doc" Wy's fiddle Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00810 "Ike" Lowe Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00814 City park Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00815 Mt. Tabor Park Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00817 Sixth Street Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00819 [Three Chinese women standing in the snow] Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00820 Harold Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00825 Bison in the snow Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00831 City park Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00833 44th and E. Taylor Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00841 Scene in the park Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00842 E. Taylor Street Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00846 Road in city park Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00853 Loweville Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00854 44th and E. Taylor Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00862 Cascade Locks Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00867 "Some" girls Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00868 Acrobats Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00869 Rose Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00878 The Louie residence Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00879 [Mrs. Louie and Albert] Item [1916?]
CC-PH-00880 [Chinese woman in a flowered hat] Item [1916?]
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