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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
PH-1263 1227-- Old Gold Commissioner's office, Dawson Yukon Item 1901-10
PH-1264 Commissioner's Ogilvie's House Dawson, Y.T.-- Alfred Watson on Veranda-- J.W.E. Brown -- Secretary to Commissioner Item 1899-11
PH-1266 16 and 17-- Eldorado looking up French Gulch and Hill Item [after 1896]
PH-1268 Skagway Alaska Item [after 1896]
PH-1278 to PH -1309 [Portraits of John G. Lind and partners, various views of mining, Klondike landscapes] File [between 1896 and 1903]
PH-1342 Shipping the Chinamen out of Whitehorse Item [after 1898]
PH-1353 Sitka, Alaska [totem poles with trees in background] Item [190-?]
PH-1355 Dredge on Yukon River Item [190-?]
PH-1356 CPR and Kicking Horse River Item [190-?]
PH-1357 Station 'White Horse' [2 women and man at train station] Item [190-?]
PH-1359 Dawson, Yukon [street in Dawson-- 3 log one-storey houses, 1 two-storey house, longer building at rear] Item [190-?]
PH-1362 SS Whitehorse on Yukon River Item [190-?]
PH-1365 Wrangell, Alaska [dirt street on right hand side with people walking on it] Item [190-?]
PH-1367 Steamer Casca En-Route Dawson to Whitehorse encountering heavy ice Item 1905-10-19
PH-1371 Fireing a drift Item [between 1897 and 1910]
PH-1372 2333-- Street scene Dawson July 99 Item 1899-07
PH-1373 Steel arch-- White Pass and Yukon Route Item [ca. 1898]
PH-1375 80 Blo Bonanza Item [between 1897 and 1910]
PH-1376 [View of Dawson] Item [190-?]
PH-1377 Canyon--Dyea trail Item 1898
PH-1379 to PH-1382 Item
PH-1752 Home in Dawson-- Mr. and Mrs. Lauk Berton [Christmas card with photograph of house] Item [after 1910]
PH-1753 to PH-1765 [Various photographs collected by John O'Hare--portraits, landscapes, Five Finger rapids, and Dawson street scenes] File [after 1898]
PH-1770 to PH-1771 9191-- Bound for the Klondike gold fields, Chilkoot Pass, Alaska Item 1898
PH-1777 The starting point for Dawson City, Lake Bennett, Alaska Item 1901
PH-1779 9257-- Going up the Yukon River by moonlight to Dawson City, Alaska Item 1898
PH-1657 Miners employed on 14-15 and 16B Bonanza-- 360 Item [1900]
PH-1663 St.Mary's Hospital-- Dawson Yukon Territory Item [between 1900 and 1920]
PH-1664 White Pass and Yukon Express-- No. 3 Item [after 1898]
PH-1695 [Hydraulic mining scene with two women on left] Item [between 1897 and 1910]
PH-1696 [Alaska-- Washing out gold with gold pan] Item [between 1897 and 1910]
PH-1783 Dawson Item 1901-06
PH-1784 Dawson, Yukon Territory-- panoramic view Item [after 1910]
PH-1822 Captain and Indian pilot Item [ca. 1898]
03-01 [Photograph postcard and newspaper clipping] File 1897-1922
PH-1795 to PH-1797 Item
PH-1803 1331. A Prosperous Miner Item [after 1898]
PH-1806 9213 -- Distant view of Chilkoot Pass, Alaska Item 1898
PH-1810 13105 -- Dawson City from the North, Alaska Item 1899
PH-1815 12735 -- Ascent to the summit of the Chilcoot Pass, elevation 3500 feet Item 1899
PH-1816 At the foot of Chilkoot Pass Item 1898
PH-1817 13144 -- Shooting the White Horse Rapids, Alaska, at the rate of sixty miles an hour Item 1899
PH-0012 22 Below Hunker Item [between 1898 and 1910]
PH-0014 Wharf at Dawson, Y.T. Item [after 1898]
PH-0018 A.E. Company's fleet Item 1900-09-13
PH-0024 Flora first to arrive in Dawson Y.T. from up the river Item 1899-05-23
PH-0025 2633--Looking over Mission St. from the East Item 1900
PH-0026 to PH-0027 Item
PH-0028 2302--Dawson City, looking down Yukon River Item [ca. 1900]
PH-0030 [Miners at work] Item [ca. 1900]
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