[Photos San Francisco (Chinese) Vancouver Victoria (S.S. Quadra)] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
CC-PH-01998 [Cable car and street in New York] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-01999 5th Avenue, N. York Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02000 [A sculpture in New York] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02003 Alcatraz Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02005 French exhibition Item 1900
CC-PH-02010 A chicken in one hand Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02015 N. York Harbour Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02017 Hamilton Hall in Adirondacks Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02018 [Two women playing with a dog outside an unknown building] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02020 5th Avenue, N.Y. Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02024 [Winnipeg City Hall] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02025 [An unknown building in Montreal] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02028 Chinese at immigration inspection Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02036 [A ceremonial guard band] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02038 [An unknown lighthouse] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02039 [An unknown road] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02041 [An unknown ship] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02058 [Horse racing event] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02061 [Horse racing event] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02063 Niagara Falls Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02064 [A bridge under construction across Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02069 [A river probably close to Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02070 [Two horses pulling a plough] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02076 The Statue of Liberty Item [1900?]
CC-PH-01993 Breakfast room at [Plaza?] in 'Frisco Item [1900?]
CC-PH-01996 Market St., 'Frisco Item [1900?]
CC-PH-01997 Corner California St., 'Frisco Item 1900-08
CC-PH-02004 Tram car, N. York Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02006 [An interior of an unknown room] Item 1900
CC-PH-02012 Sitting of Parliament, Victoria, B.C. Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02022 Madison Sq[are] 1900, N.Y. Item 1900
CC-PH-02023 [University Club Library, New York] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02026 [An unknown bridge] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02027 [A poster that reads, "Delmonico, Lillian Howe."] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02033 [Sir Henri Gustave Joly de Lotbinire, Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02040 [An unknown boat] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02042 [Hotel Dallas] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02044 [A group of people playing lacrosse] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02045 [A group of people playing lacrosse] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02050 Engine # 534 arriving Vancouver Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02056 [An unknown lake] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02057 [An unknown waterfall] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02067 [Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02068 [Bridge, possibly close to Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02072 [Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02078 [An unknown amusement park] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02002 Prospect House, 'Frisco Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02009 China Town, 'Frisco Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02019 [A man and a women in a living room] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02030 [View from British Columbia Parliament Building with flagpole] Item [1900?]
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