[Postcards and photographs from around the world - part 3] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1626_03_0020 Assembly Building at Night - Kaiser Company, Inc. - Vancouver Item [between 1942 and 1946]
UL_1626_03_0025 [Military parade heading south on Granville Street] Item [not before 1910]
UL_1626_03_0028 Vancouver's Greeting to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in Stanley Park, Sept 22, 1919 Item 22/09/1919
UL_1626_03_0031 Hastings Street Item [between 1906 and 1912?]
UL_1626_03_0042 Hotel Vancouver, Canadian Pacific Railway, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1887 and 1906?]
UL_1626_03_0043 Westminster Avenue looking South, Vancouver, B.C. Item [not after 1910]
UL_1626_03_0044 Vancouver, B.C. and the Statue of Captain Vancouver Item [after 1949]
UL_1626_03_0047 Canada's Most Beautiful Cemetary - Forest Lawn Memorial Park - Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1936 and 1950]
UL_1626_03_0050 Vancouver, B.C. Looking East Item [between 1900 and 1925]
UL_1626_03_0057 Vancouver Block Item [not before 1912]
UL_1626_03_0059 Devonshire Apartments, C.P.R. Hotel and Wesley Methodist Church, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1916 and 1939]
UL_1626_03_0062 Fraser River, carrying old lake beds and glacial drift to the Pacific. Item [not before 1898]
UL_1626_03_0068 Parliament Buildings - Victoria, B.C. Item [between 1898 and 1907]
UL_1626_03_0071 Afternoon at Second Beach. Item [not after 1908]
UL_1626_03_0086 H.R.H. Duke of Connaught's Visit to Vancouver, Sept 1912 Item [1912-09]
UL_1626_03_0091 [First Nations man and woman with moose calf] Item [between 1924 and 1949]
UL_1626_03_0094 An Indian (Alex Leonard) - Kamloops, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1929?]
UL_1626_03_0099 [View of Vancouver] Item [not after 1924-07-10]
UL_1626_03_0104 United Services Centre, Vancouver, B.C. Canada Item [between 1943 and 1945]
UL_1626_03_0113 English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Item [1908 or 1909]
UL_1626_03_0115 Hotel Europe, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1909 and 1938-08-28]
UL_1626_03_0126 Vancouver Float, Tulip Festival. Bellingham, Wash. Item [not after 1924-06-01]
UL_1626_03_0132 Cambie St., Vancouver Item [1910]
UL_1626_03_0137 Vancouver Rowing Club Regatta - Sept 5, '08 Item [1908-09-05]
UL_1626_03_0139 The Only "Drop" in Real Estate in Vancouver's History -- "Broadway" after the Rainstorm -- Nov 28, '09 Item 28/11/1909
UL_1626_03_0140 Salvation Army Citadel Band, Vancouver, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1626_03_0148 Memorial Procession, Vancouver, B.C., May 20th, 1910 Item 20/05/1910
UL_1626_03_0154 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1911-03-12]
UL_1626_03_0158 How we see Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1898 and 1911-04-24]
UL_1626_03_0163 Granville Street Bridge, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1909 and 1954]
UL_1626_03_0164 English Bay in March, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1901 and 1910?]
UL_1626_03_0167 A Section of B.C. Fir Item [between 1901 and 1910?]
UL_1626_03_0168 Lodge, Stanley Park Item [not before 1888]
UL_1626_03_0169 Salmon Cannery, near Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1900 and 1930?]
UL_1626_03_0174 Team in Big Tree, Vancouver, B.C. Item [not after 1888?] - based on lack of "Stanley Park" label
UL_1626_03_0175 Second Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1901 and 1910?]
UL_1626_03_0181 Our Bathing Beach, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1901 and 1910?]
UL_1626_03_0187 The Pier, English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1907 and 1915]
UL_1626_03_0193 Post Office, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1911-01-01 and 1911-02-26]
UL_1626_03_0197 Vancouver, B.C. - World Bldg. Item [not before 1910]
UL_1626_03_0198 Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1911 and 1938-08-17]
UL_1626_03_0203 Carter-Cotton Building, Vancouver, B.C. Item [not before 1908]
UL_1626_03_0209 Vancouver, B.C. - Cordova Street and Parade Item [between 1899 and 1906]
UL_1626_03_0210 The Sealing Fleet at Rest. Victoria, B.C. Item [between 1899 and 1911]
UL_1626_03_0211 The Start -- Swimming Race, English Bay. Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1901 and 1910?]
UL_1626_03_0215 "Waiting for You." Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1898 and 1914]
UL_1626_03_0219 Team and Carriage in Big Tree. Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1891 and 1900?]
UL_1626_03_0220 Big Fir and Cedar, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. Item [not before 1888]
UL_1626_03_0221 Big Fir and Cedar. Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1901 and 1910?]
UL_1626_03_0223 Totem Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. Item [not after 1906]
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