Printed Material Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
02-01-01 Child Conservation, Vancouver, The Social Services League Item n.d.
02-01-07 The League for Social Reconstruction in Canada, Vancouver Item [1932]
02-01-10 "Veritas," The Great Betrayal, [Vancouver] Item n.d.
02-02-03 The Voice of Canada Item n.d.
02-02-04 The Lands of Singing Waters Item n.d.
02-02-05 The Kingdom of the Sun Item n.d.
02-02-08 Brown Earth and Bunch Grass Item n.d.
02-02-11 Program of a recital by Stephen presented by the Vancouver Poetry Society. Item n.d.
02-02-12 Lord of the Air, poems of the present war, Vancouver, The Author Item [1940]
02-01-03 Program for a Concert sponsored by the Child Welfare Association of British Columbia. Item [1919]
02-01-09 Program for J. S. Woodsworth Memorial Service Item March 29, 1942
02-01-13 War in China... What it means to Canada, Vancouver, China Aid Council and the National Salvation League Item n.d.
02-01-16 Spain, New York Item n.d.
02-01-17 Caricatures pertaining to German domination of Europe Item 1938
02-01-22 [Greeting Card] Item n.d.
02-02-01 The Rosary of Pan Item n.d.
02-02-02 Poetry of the Canadian West Item n.d.
02-02-10 Little Folk, Book I, Class Room Plays from Canadian History; Little Folk, Book II, Class Room Plays from Canadian Industry. Item n.d.
02-01-05 Brochure advertising A. N. Stephen as C. C. F. candidate for Nanaimo-Alberni in the provincial election of 1937. Item 1937
02-01-12 Broad sheet, Japanese Agents Control Local Radio Stations??? Item n.d.
02-01-14 Report of the Pacific Northwest Embargo Conference held at Vancouver, B. C. Item April 22 and 23, 1939
02-01-15 He Died for China on Our Far Eastern Front Item n.d.
02-01-18 British Columbia"Job-Seekers"Journal, Vol. I, no . 1 Item [1938]
02-01-23 In Memory of John Reid, Died April 28th, 1899 Item n.d.
02-02-09 Verendrye Item n.d.
02-02-13 Full Tide, vol. 7, no. 1 Item October 1942
02-02-14 Christmas cards sent by Stephen to his friends and including poems Item [1928], 1939, 1940 and 1941
02-01-02 Program of First Annual Convention of the Child Welfare Association of British Columbia. Item n.d.
02-01-04 Brochure advertising a practical course in authorship at the B.C. School of Pharmacy and Science Item n.d.
02-01-06 The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (Farmer-Labor-Socialist) Item August 1st, 1932
02-01-08 Statement of Committee Item n.d.
02-01-11 Hitlerism in Canada, Vancouver, The League Against War and Fascism Item n.d.
02-01-19 Post Office "Sitdowner's" Gazette, Vol. I, no. 1-3 Item [1938]
02-01-20 Victoria Jobless Journal, Vol. I, no. 1 Item [1938]
02-01-21 Tourist Guide Item n.d.
02-02-06 The Golden Treasury of Verse Item n.d.
02-02-07 The Gleaning Archway Item n.d.