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Psychology and mental health

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Executive outgoing correspondence

File contains copies of outgoing executive correspondence dated December 6, 1977 to December 22, 1977. Topics include union exemption, grievances, finances, maternity leave and benefits, union representatives and representation, leaves of absence, arbitration, request for membership statistics, pay-back compliance plan with the Anti-Inflation Board (AIB), job classifications and descriptions, employee aptitude, intelligence and psychological assessment testing, communication and negotiation with UBC, media relations and press release, hiring policy, pension plan, office administration, rubber stamp requisition, payment of arbitration attendance expenses, vacation allowance, status of women and pay equity, membership meetings, retroactive pay, hiring for catalogue conversion project, and union fees. Recipients consist primarily of UBC officials and employees, and include other unions, arbitrators, union federations, and the AIB. File also contains applications for the appointment of a Labour Relations Board officer.

General correspondence incoming and outgoing (2 of 3)

File contains incoming and outgoing correspondence dated April 1, 1985 to October 2, 1985. Topics include labour studies education and scholarships, advertisements for services and products, calls for civic engagement (cuts to social services, services for unemployed people, teacher's increment wage system, elections, Downtown Eastside evictions due to Expo 86, Supreme Court of Canada legislation, nuclear power, pensions), secession from AUCE and merger with CUPE, cooperation and coordination with other unions, union representatives and representation, CUPE official policy, financial restraint at UBC, women in the workplace, rights of women, status of women, job classification, Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Expo 86, UBC financial audit, smoking in the workplace, and labour relations with UBC.

Health and Safety minutes and correspondence (2 of 2)

File contains meeting minutes of the following Health and Safety Committees: General Services and Administration Building, dated April 11, 1985 to April 24, 1986; Instructional Resources Centre, dated January 30, 1985 to January 29, 1986; Library Processing Centre, dated March 15, 1985 to May 13, 1986; and Department of Theatre, dated January 13, 1985 to March 13, 1986. Topics include seminars, emergency procedures, safety hazards, committee organization, occupational safety films, workplace accidents and prevention, temperature and ventilation, fire safety, infection control, lighting, bicycle traffic, visual display terminals, UBC smoking policy, sick rooms, lock-out procedures, radiation concern, broken glass, building maintenance, CPR and first aid education, book truck maintenance, fumes, eye care, correspondence, Factory Act/Workplace Act, theatre construction, storage of chemicals and inflammables, and student insurance.

File also contains correspondence dated January 13, 1985 to January 16, 1986. Topics include safety supplies, air quality, stress-related illness, and Ritchie & Associates.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains notices of general special membership meetings dated March 8, 1984 to December 13, 1984. Topics discussed include technological change, committee reports, by-law amendments, contract proposals, solidarity in Poland, and nominations. File also contains AUCE Local 1 newsletter "AUCE Expression" dated January 1984 to October 1984.

AUCE Expression, January 1984 includes a union leadership directory, discussion regarding Operation Solidarity and provincial legislation, appeals regarding disciplinary action against strikebreakers, proposed by-law amendments, results of a referendum, grievance report, trustees report on the secession referendum, financial statement from June 1983 to November 1983, audited financial statement, and an agenda for January 19, 1984.

AUCE Expression [February 1984] includes a letter protesting against the closing of David Thompson University Centre (Nelson, B.C.), a letter protesting defunding of the Vancouver Status of Women, a telegram protesting the arrest of trade unionists at Jesuit Centre San Salvador, a reprinted Canadian Industrial Relations and Personnel Developments article regarding childcare, a discussion of disciplinary action against strikebreakers, a notice of an SFU symposium series, Operation Solidarity report, grievance report, a reprinted Canadian Labour Congress article regarding wage control, minutes of the October 31, 1983 and November 10, 1983 special membership meetings, minutes of the January 19, 1984 membership meeting, proposed by-law amendments, and notices of motion.

AUCE Expression, May 1984 includes a reprinted Vancouver Courier article on layoffs at UBC, information on AUCE discounts, information from the Telecommunications Workers Union regarding deregulation of the telecommunications industry, minutes of membership meetings dated May 19, 1983 to April 26, 1984, information on health emergency management at UBC, Local 1 news brief, a notice of motion regarding discipline, and an agenda for May 24, 1984.

AUCE Expression, June 1984 (Health and Safety Issue) includes directories of shop stewards and the Communications Committee, a letter of thanks, information on health emergency management at UBC, a reprinted article on sweatshops, a reprinted CUPE article on unsafe office buildings, a reprinted article on staying healthy at work, a reprinted The Province article on electronic offices, a reprinted Homemakers Magazine article on office indoor air quality, a reprinted Globe & Mail article about workplace automation and worker's rights, a reprinted Worklife article on video display terminals, a reprinted section from "A Hard Man to Beat" (Bill White, Pulp Press), a reprinted article from the Canadian Mental Health Association on the effects of unemployment, an reprinted article from the Women's Occupational Health Resource Center on indoor air pollution, a report from Local 1's Safety Officer, a report on B.C. Labour Code amendments' bias towards management, "Program for the Protection of Human and Workers' Rights" from the Federation of Labour Executive Board, Merger Committee report, Contract Committee report, minutes from the May 24, 1984 membership meeting, notice of motion, and an agenda for June 21, 1984.

AUCE Expression, September 1984 (Technological Change Issue) includes letters of thanks, correspondence regarding Operation Solidarity payments, letter protesting non-union construction firms hired by UBC, articles and reports submitted by Operation Solidarity, an article on Nellie McClung, a reprinted article from CUPE's The Facts regarding no-layoff protection clauses, reprinted articles regarding VDT health and safety risks (from VDT Newsletter Vancouver Sun, The Province, BC Medical Journal, Health Protection for Operators of VDTs/CRTs, The Facts), reprinted article from "Race Against Time: An Overview of Office Automation" (Working Women) regarding workplace automation, reprinted article from Science Digest regarding typing strain, a summary of a VDT report by Dr. Hari Sharma, a statement and appeal for correspondence from the Technological Change Committee, grievance report, minutes of the June 21, 1984 membership meeting, reprint of Current Disputes, and a Local 1 news brief. Issue also contains a supplement entitled "The Electronic Sweatshop" excerpted from Perspectives on Women in the 1800's (University of Manitoba Press, 1983).

AUCE Expression, 1984 includes a reprinted pages from the Solidarity Coalition Bulletin, an open letter from Local 1's president regarding contractual victories, correspondence to the AUCE Province newsletter regarding wage increases, solicitation of endorsement from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers , reprinted CUPE: The Facts articles regarding Canadian poverty and incremental wage systems, a reprinted Industrial Relations Bulletin article regarding wage settlement data, a bulletin from the BC Federation of Labour regarding Workers' Compensation Board regulations, information regarding the Famous Players lockout, reprinted information from Current Disputes, Merger Committee report, Contract Committee report, minutes from the September 27, 1984 membership meeting, and an agenda for October 25, 1984.

[Notebooks of provincial executive minutes]

File contains four notebooks of Melody Rudd, member of Executive Committee. Four handwritten exercise books (notebooks) containing notes on union activities in the form of phone numbers, addresses, to-do lists, lists of supplies, calculations, financial information, scheduling, drafts of correspondence, questions, information about the newsletter, and the activities of Locals 1-6. One of the notebooks appears to have been used for class or personal notes as it mostly contains psychology and mental health information with a section on union and strike activities at the end.

Working conditions

File contains correspondence, reports, and ephemera produced or received by Local 1's Working Conditions Committee. Topics include fluorescent lighting, the Workers' Compensation Board manual, grievance procedure, and first aid kit maintenance.

Working conditions

File contains material relating to working conditions at UBC. Records include "Second draft of amendments to Industrial Health & Safety Regulations (First Aid Section)" from the Worker's Compensation Board of British Columbia (dated September 25, 1978), documents produced by Local 1's Working Conditions Committee, correspondence regarding working conditions, an inspection report, a report regarding the detrimental effects of fluorescent lighting, and a newspaper clipping regarding stretching exercises for office workers.

File also contains a pamphlet from the UBC Alumni Association's Wesbrook Society (possibly from 1982), and copies of Local 1's grievance form.