Research data and bibliographies Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
3-06 Eastmain, East James Bay, Quebec: band list, statistical File 1961
4-02 Cauca Valley, Columbia: employment and income interviews and statistics File [1964-1966]
5-03-05 Notes regarding a study of sugar and other plantations File [1964-1966]
8-05 Bibliographies, reading lists, and reviews File 1969-1974
14-03 Notes on Nativism and Americanism File [199-?]
12-04 Miscellaneous - cartoons File 1951
3-01-05 Wunnummin Lake Settlement and Big Beaver House, Kenora District : research notes, interviews, and statistical data File 1962
14-01 Notes entitled "A Little Golden Treasury of Witch Hunting in Canada : A Practical User's Guide"; proposal for booklet; glossary of terms File [199-?]
14-02 "No Redeeming Qualities"; Reviews of <em>A Tawdry New Age</em> File
2-02-04 Rupert House, East St. James Bay: notes, daily journal interviews, and additional data File 1961
3-07 Nemiscau, West Central Labrador: kinship charts, statistical data, and interviews File 1962
4-01 Cauca Valley, Columbia : interviews, questionnaires, and notes on sugar cane production File 1964-1966
4-03 Cauca Valley, Columbia: statistics File [1964-1966]
4-04 Cauca Valley, Columbia : domestic budgets data File [1964-1966]
4-05 Cauca Valley, Columbia : census data, Chikarro and surrounding area File [1964-1966]