Research, Writings, and Publications Inventory list

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075-06 Child Care in the Home - St. John Ambulance of Canada File 1979
075-09 [Articles and correspondence] File 1982-1985
PH-2181 [Photograph] - Sheila Zerr Item [1987?]
075-13 Romancing the Canadian North: Nurses File 1994
075-14 Nursing in the North: Articles File 2013-2016
075-14-01 Nurse/Mountie Experiences in Northern Canada - Edith Clarke Item 2013
075-14-03 Oral Histories Examine the Challenges Faced by the Nurse in Canada Item 2014
Labour of Love: A Memoir of Gertrude Richards Ladner 1879-1976 Subseries 2000-2007
075-16 Labor of Love - Edna G. Ladner File 2000
075-18 [Financial and Background Information] File 2006-2007
076-01 Labor of Love - Chapter Six: Nursing Uniforms, Early 1900s File 2006
076-04 The Canadian Journal of Nursing Research [Articles and Correspondence] File 1985-1994
076-06 Pharmacology and the Nursing Process File 1990
076-07 Past is Present: The CAHN/ACHN Keynote Presentations 1988-1996 File Jun. 1997
076-10 On All Frontiers: Four Centuries of Canadian Nursing - Jessie F. MacKenzie 1867-1960: Reform Comes with a Price File 2004
076-11 Beyond the Bricks and Mortar: The Role of Residences in Opening Doors to Nursing Education and Practice File 2006
076-16 A Study of Two World War II Military Nurses: How Their Hospital Training in the 1930s Prepared Them for War File 2011-2012
075-01 [Correspondence and other documents related to funding request] File 1978-1979
075-02 [Research Information] File 1980-1981
PH-2179 [Photograph] Item 1980-1981
075-04 Development of Effective Teaching Strategies on Drug Use Information for Teenagers - Sheila Zerr File [198-?]
075-05 Collaboration: The Key to Successful Community Health Care and Program Promotion - Sheila Zerr File [197-?]
PH-2182 [Photograph] - Research Team for Evaluation of Child Care in Home Item [1987?]
075-11 The Evaluation of Child Care in the Home, St. John Ambulance - Sheila Zerr File 1984
075-14-02 The Nurse and the Mountie: Canadian Challenges and Experiences - Dianne and Dale Sharpe Item Apr. 2013
076-03 Labor of Love: A Memoir of Gertrude Richards Ladner 1879-1976 - Sheila Zerr and Glennis Zilm File 2006
076-04-01 Program Evaluation: A Strategy for Effective Promotion of Community Health, 17, no. 4 (Winter 1985) Item 1985
076-04-02 Developing Strategies for Teaching Nursing Diagnosis, 22, no. 1 (Spring 1990) Item 1990
076-08 Profile of a Leader: Labour Relations Pioneer: Alice Lillian Wright 1894-2000 - S.J. Rankin Zerr and G. Zilm File May-Jun. 2001
076-09 [Unveiling of plaque commemorating the national historic significance of Begbie Hall] Address to designation File 14 Feb. 2002
PH-2183 [Photograph] Item 14 Feb. 2002
076-13 The Royal Jubilee Hospital Heritage Sites Preserve Healthcare and Women File Jun. 2008
PH-2180 [Photograph] Item 1980-1981
075-03 Tic Tac Toe for Pill Pushers: The Preparation of the Nurse to Teach A.S.A. Therapy an Instructional Program File 1978
Evaluating Child Care in the Home Subseries 1979-1985
075-12 The First National Symposium and Special Program on Home Health Care File 15-17 May 1985
075-14-04 Oral Histories Examine the Challenges Faced by the Nurse in Canada Item 2016
075-15 Stories from Canada File [1995?]
076-05 The Effect of Continuing Education on the Nurses File 1989
SPCD-013 [CD] Florence Nightingale and Nursing Leadership Presentation for VCC May 2010 Item May 2010
076-18 [Oral History Transcript] File 2000
ASA Research Subseries 1978-1981
075-07 Child Care in the Home Instructors' Guide - St. John Ambulance of Canada File 1979
075-08 Skill Evaluation and Questionnaires File [between 1979-1985]
075-10 The Evaluation of Child Care in the Home - Journal of Public Health File 1987
Nursing in the North Subseries 1994-2016
075-17 Education for Professional Nursing Practice: Gertrude Richards Ladner 1902-1905 - Sheila Zerr and Glennis Zilm File 2001
SPCD-012 [CD] Labor of Love Pictures to be included in the book March 29, 2006 Item 29 Mar. 2006
076-02 Making Gertrude File 2007
Miscellaneous Writings, Presentations and Addresses Subseries 1985-2011
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