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AUCE Annual Convention: amendments, minutes

File contains amendments and resolutions passed in the June 1976 annual Provincial AUCE Convention, and minutes of the convention. Topics discussed at the convention include local reports. Topics of the resolutions and constitutional amendments discussed include affiliation with other unions, a cross-local newsletter, access to research, formation of local sub-committees (such as on wage control), organization of unorganized workers, the per capita tax, the right to strike, absenteeism, office vacancy, strikebreaker discipline, provincial amendment ratification, AUCE staffing and job descriptions, revenue, and office administration.

Correspondence, incoming (1 of 3)

File contains incoming correspondence dated February 1979 to June 1979. Topics include referendums, constitutional amendments, office equipment, newsletters, support of causes and other unions, university procedure, union staffing and membership, disciplinary action, leaves of absence, public visibility, grievances with UBC, unemployment insurance, symposium proceedings on UBC day care, job descriptions, legal representation, educational courses, insurance benefits, the All-items Index of Consumer Prices for Canada, membership meetings, and a request for student volunteers.

Executive correspondence

File contains incoming and outgoing executive correspondence dated March 1974 to June 1977. Topics include membership, recycling on campus, relations with the Provincial association, daycare and maternity benefits, public relations, leaves of absence, requests for and letters of support from outside organizations and unions, letters of resignation and termination, job descriptions and evaluations, cutbacks at UBC, referendum procedure, dissatisfaction with local governance, negotiations and contracts with UBC, general and executive membership meetings, health care plans, strikes and demonstrations, strikebreakers and discipline procedure, educational workshops, union jurisdiction, retirement, surveys, rent and rent control, gender discrimination, by-laws and constitutions, office expenses, and pay equity. File also contains a copy of the October 5, 1973 "Dental Care Plan Service Contract" (and subsequent riders) between the Medical Services Association and the University of British Columbia.

Executive meeting minutes (1 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 5th, 1977 to November 21, 1978. Topics discussed include agendas for general membership meetings, steward seminars, correspondence, grievances, strikes (including Steelworkers local 2655), nominations for sub-committees, committee reports, expenses, maternity leave, John Hrube's funeral, communications with students, vacation entitlement, newsletter preparations, formation of a questionnaire for AUCE members at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), babysitting relief for attendees, creation of a promotional leaflet, wages, finances, support of causes and other unions, paybacks, communications and negotiations with UBC, off-campus certification issues between AUCE and CUPE, purchase of office equipment, an apparent act of collusion, a charge of an illegal strike, an Employee Assistance Program, and Operation Liberte. File also contains lists of meeting attendees, a copy of the promotional leaflet, and a copy of the VGH questionnaire.

Executive meeting minutes (3 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 6, 1976 to December 14, 1976. Topics discussed include correspondence, committee reports, strike analysis, newsletters, sick leave, pension plans, working conditions, office administration and structure, communications and cooperation with other unions, response to anti-inflation legislation from the Anti-Inflation Board (AIB), discipline procedure, affiliation with the provincial association, grievances with UBC, role and function of the executive committee, relations with the Canadian Confederation of Unions, scab trials, general membership meeting agendas, stewards seminars, strike organization, job evaluations, support of causes such as the rescue of Mario Muñoz, division elections, rollbacks, and sex discrimination.

File also contains draft correspondence, including letters of thanks to other unions for respecting Local 1's picket lines. File also contains reports, including Provincial Report and Strike Committee report.

Executive meeting minutes (4 of 8)

File contains executive meeting minutes dated January 15, 1975 to December 17, 1975. Topics discussed include correspondence, grievances against UBC, insurance, purchase of office supplies, division and committee reports, consolidation of campus units with CUPE, coordination with and support of other unions, budgets, relations with the Provincial Association (including delegates thereof), rules of order, student assistants, contracts, grievance procedures, pension plan negotiations, daycare, credit unions and loans, division elections, office administration and organization, strikes and picketing, strike strategy, and discipline of strikebreakers. File also contains a photocopy of Robert's Rules of Order.

General correspondence (2 of 3)

File contains incoming and outgoing correspondence dated January 30, 1984 to June 12, 1984. Topics include union representatives and representation, education services, Operation Solidarity, sick leave, support of other unions and causes, office rentals, pension plans and employee benefits, Alcoholics Anonymous, seminars, anti-nuclearization activism, committee nominations, affiliation, human rights, subscriptions, status of women, dues accounting system, staff vacation, technological change, job descriptions, by-law amendments, UBC day care, union opposition, relations with UBC, opposition to Henry Kissinger's Vancouver visit, and management of library cutbacks.

General correspondence incoming and outgoing (3 of 3)

File contains incoming and outgoing correspondence dated October 16, 1984 to April 15, 1985. Topics include labour studies education and scholarships, advertisements for services and products, requests for financial assistance, union representatives and representation, cooperation and coordination with other unions, scabs, relations with UBC, calls for civic engagement (provincial election, teachers' salary, pacifism, financial restraint measures), affiliation with CUPE, international workers' and human rights, women's rights, Expo 86, workplace sexual harassment, Operation Solidarity, UBC financial cutbacks, and seniority of UBC staff.

General correspondence outgoing (2 of 5)

File contains AUCE outgoing correspondence dated June 26, 1981 to September 17, 1981. Topics include union membership and representatives, parking, building inspections, union dues, job descriptions, leaves of absence, membership meetings, conventions, publication orders, contract negotiations, records request, involuntary transfers, severance and lay-offs, legal representation, budget cuts, discrimination against union members, first aid regulations, women's rights, employee benefits, visual display terminals, health and safety, cooperation with other unions, employee record and payroll system, and labour disputes and arbitration.

General membership meeting minutes (2 of 4)

File contains general and special meeting minutes dated January 9, 1975 to December 18, 1975. Topics discussed include correspondence, committee reports, strike procedure, finances, office equipment, the annual Provincial Convention, job classification, retirement, grievances with UBC, nominations and elections, support of other unions, Provincial reports, the role of seniority in promotions, constitutional amendments, working conditions, contract negotiations with UBC, joining the university credit union, day care, the impact of federal and provincial legislation (such as wage control, sex descrimination, health and safety), the Stewards Seminar, strikes and picketing, vacation leave, discipline of strikebreakers,

File also contains a report on arbitrations with UBC, and statements of income and expenses.

General membership meeting minutes (3 of 4)

File contains general and special meeting minutes dated January 15, 1976 to December 9, 1976. Topics discussed include correspondence, committee reports, elections and nominations, grievances with UBC, office equipment, Provincial Association reports, strikes, discipline of strikebreakers, finances and dues, legislation cast by the Anti-Inflation Board, by-law amendments, protesting sexism in government action, the function of the executive, lay-offs, job classification, support of other unions and causes, the newsletter, committee and union organization, contract negotiations, the National Day of Protest, roll-backs, and press releases.

File also contains proposed rules of order, one section of Local 1's constitution, and statements of income and expenses.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains committee bulletins, ballots, and issues of the AUCE Local 1 newsletters "On Campus" dated February 1983 to May 1983, and "AUCE Expression" dated June 1983 to November 1983. Topics discussed in bulletins and ballots include special membership meetings, statements from and nominations of candidates for Union Organizer, action against provincial legislation, union solidarity, and the secession of Local 1 from AUCE Provincial.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 1, January/February 1983 includes contract information on how UBC should discuss dissatisfaction with employees, an article on workplace harassment, a book review of "Still Ain't Satisfied/Canadian Feminism Today" (The Women's Press, 1982), a light verse on caloric content, statements on workplace productivity, a forum on computer automation, Local 1's Ad Hoc Committee on Technological Change, inflation, International Women's Day, by-law amendments, and an agenda for February 24, 1983.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 2, March 1983 includes a notice for the AUCE Provincial Convention, a reprinted Canadian Labour article about union member wages, information on reclassification appeals, a letter of thanks, an open letter about leadership election criteria, a financial report, a call for volunteers for the Union Office, minutes of the January 20, 1983 membership meeting, and an agenda for March 24, 1983.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 3, April 1983 includes includes a letter of thanks, a reprinted Vancouver Sun article about the status of women in Canada, a call for opinion pieces on secession from AUCE, a warning about the potential hazards of video display terminals, two reprinted Vancouver Sun articles about video display terminals, the proposed 1983 budget, a notice of motions, a Local 1 news brief, minutes of the March 24, 1983 membership meeting, a recommendation for dues increase, notice of a film screening, notice of the April 21, 1983 special membership meeting on technological change.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 4, May 1983 includes the results of the Union Organizer election, responses to dues increase, responses to the proposed budget, an open letter regarding secession from AUCE, solicitation for critique of On Campus, resignation of Local 1's President, recommendation for dues increase, the proposed 1983 budget, a reprint of 1982 financial information, a notice of executive motions, a Local 1 news brief, an article summarizing daily union office duties, a notice of Local 1's application for certification as an independent union, reprinted Worklife articles about automation and video display terminals, minutes from the April 21, 1983 membership meeting, and an agenda for May 19, 1983.

AUCE Expression [June 1983] includes open letters from Local 1 members on the following topics: the proposed budget, a retraction, dues increase, motion for by-law amendments, thanks to the abdicating Union Coordinator, the labour pioneer Sarah Bagley, the Joint Union-Administration VDT Committee, striking public service workers of Alberta, secession from AUCE Provincial, and duties of a Library Assistant in the Fine Arts Library. Newsletter also contains an opinion ballot for contract negotiations, by-law amendments as regarding the Ombuds Committee, and an agenda for June 30, 1983.

AUCE Expression, August 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: critique of the June 1983 newsletter, Operation Solidarity against provincial legislation, support of Tranquille Institution workers, reprinted articles on automation, Library layoffs, secession from AUCE Provincial, solicitation for donations for food banks and promotion of human rights in Peru, solicitation of endorsement from the Concerned Citizens for Choice on Abortion, labour pioneer Rose Schneiderman, and a letter of thanks. Newsletter also contains minutes for the July 28, 1983 membership meeting, reports on Operation Solidarity and affects of provincial legislation, a Local 1 news brief, notices of motion of Local 1 resolutions of opposition to provincial legislation, and an agenda for August 18, 1983.

AUCE Expression, October 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: opposition to provincial legislation and reports on Operation Solidarity, a grievance report, merger discussion with OTEU, contributing to general membership meetings, union dues, and solicitation of endorsement for the Vancouver Women's Health Collective. Newsletter also contains minutes for the September 15, 1983 membership meeting, reprinted Provincial articles about job stress and relations with the provincial government, a Local 1 news brief, a union office report, and an agenda for October 20, 1983.

AUCE Expression, November 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: a letter of thanks, complaints about a membership meeting speech, opposition to provincial legislation, union office working conditions and harassment, staff shortage, secession from AUCE Provincial, and strikebreakers. Newsletter also contains "A Declaration of Rights of the People of British Columbia", a reprinted Vancouver Sun article on video display terminals, a reprinted Ubyssey article about strikebreakers, solicitation for membership information, a Local 1 news brief, minutes of the October 20, 1983 membership meeting, minutes of the October 31, 1983 special membership meeting, notices of by-law amendments, and an agenda for December 1, 1983.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains notices of general special membership meetings dated March 8, 1984 to December 13, 1984. Topics discussed include technological change, committee reports, by-law amendments, contract proposals, solidarity in Poland, and nominations. File also contains AUCE Local 1 newsletter "AUCE Expression" dated January 1984 to October 1984.

AUCE Expression, January 1984 includes a union leadership directory, discussion regarding Operation Solidarity and provincial legislation, appeals regarding disciplinary action against strikebreakers, proposed by-law amendments, results of a referendum, grievance report, trustees report on the secession referendum, financial statement from June 1983 to November 1983, audited financial statement, and an agenda for January 19, 1984.

AUCE Expression [February 1984] includes a letter protesting against the closing of David Thompson University Centre (Nelson, B.C.), a letter protesting defunding of the Vancouver Status of Women, a telegram protesting the arrest of trade unionists at Jesuit Centre San Salvador, a reprinted Canadian Industrial Relations and Personnel Developments article regarding childcare, a discussion of disciplinary action against strikebreakers, a notice of an SFU symposium series, Operation Solidarity report, grievance report, a reprinted Canadian Labour Congress article regarding wage control, minutes of the October 31, 1983 and November 10, 1983 special membership meetings, minutes of the January 19, 1984 membership meeting, proposed by-law amendments, and notices of motion.

AUCE Expression, May 1984 includes a reprinted Vancouver Courier article on layoffs at UBC, information on AUCE discounts, information from the Telecommunications Workers Union regarding deregulation of the telecommunications industry, minutes of membership meetings dated May 19, 1983 to April 26, 1984, information on health emergency management at UBC, Local 1 news brief, a notice of motion regarding discipline, and an agenda for May 24, 1984.

AUCE Expression, June 1984 (Health and Safety Issue) includes directories of shop stewards and the Communications Committee, a letter of thanks, information on health emergency management at UBC, a reprinted article on sweatshops, a reprinted CUPE article on unsafe office buildings, a reprinted article on staying healthy at work, a reprinted The Province article on electronic offices, a reprinted Homemakers Magazine article on office indoor air quality, a reprinted Globe & Mail article about workplace automation and worker's rights, a reprinted Worklife article on video display terminals, a reprinted section from "A Hard Man to Beat" (Bill White, Pulp Press), a reprinted article from the Canadian Mental Health Association on the effects of unemployment, an reprinted article from the Women's Occupational Health Resource Center on indoor air pollution, a report from Local 1's Safety Officer, a report on B.C. Labour Code amendments' bias towards management, "Program for the Protection of Human and Workers' Rights" from the Federation of Labour Executive Board, Merger Committee report, Contract Committee report, minutes from the May 24, 1984 membership meeting, notice of motion, and an agenda for June 21, 1984.

AUCE Expression, September 1984 (Technological Change Issue) includes letters of thanks, correspondence regarding Operation Solidarity payments, letter protesting non-union construction firms hired by UBC, articles and reports submitted by Operation Solidarity, an article on Nellie McClung, a reprinted article from CUPE's The Facts regarding no-layoff protection clauses, reprinted articles regarding VDT health and safety risks (from VDT Newsletter Vancouver Sun, The Province, BC Medical Journal, Health Protection for Operators of VDTs/CRTs, The Facts), reprinted article from "Race Against Time: An Overview of Office Automation" (Working Women) regarding workplace automation, reprinted article from Science Digest regarding typing strain, a summary of a VDT report by Dr. Hari Sharma, a statement and appeal for correspondence from the Technological Change Committee, grievance report, minutes of the June 21, 1984 membership meeting, reprint of Current Disputes, and a Local 1 news brief. Issue also contains a supplement entitled "The Electronic Sweatshop" excerpted from Perspectives on Women in the 1800's (University of Manitoba Press, 1983).

AUCE Expression, 1984 includes a reprinted pages from the Solidarity Coalition Bulletin, an open letter from Local 1's president regarding contractual victories, correspondence to the AUCE Province newsletter regarding wage increases, solicitation of endorsement from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers , reprinted CUPE: The Facts articles regarding Canadian poverty and incremental wage systems, a reprinted Industrial Relations Bulletin article regarding wage settlement data, a bulletin from the BC Federation of Labour regarding Workers' Compensation Board regulations, information regarding the Famous Players lockout, reprinted information from Current Disputes, Merger Committee report, Contract Committee report, minutes from the September 27, 1984 membership meeting, and an agenda for October 25, 1984.

Local 1 Executive minutes (1 of 2)

File contains Executive Minutes for Local 1, and Full Strike Committee Executive Minutes dated October 15, 1975 to December 16, 1975. Topics discussed include strike and negotiations, disciplinary actions against scabs, and the Full Strike Committee Meeting minutes, along with supporting postal workers, sharing an office with the provincial executive, reports from committees on pension plans, daycare, grievances, job evaluation, contracts, discussion of federal legislation, and staff and organization issues brought up during the November 1975 Provincial Convention.

Local 1 Executive minutes (2 of 2)

File contains meeting minutes dated January 6, 1976 to December 7, 1976. Topics discussed include the strike and strike committee report, disciplinary actions against scabs, correspondence, anti-inflation legislation, interactions with other unions (CUPE, SORWUC, HEU, the Vancouver Taxi Union), contracts, staffing, role of executive members, bylaws and amendments in regards to discipline, grievances and arbitration, information on Pentacare daycare centre, housing at UBC, the strike at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), maternity leave, and banning smoking during executive meetings. File also contains several agendas, committee documents and recommendations, as well as a memo.

[Local 2 correspondence and newsletters]

File contains incoming and outgoing correspondence of AUCE Local 2 (SFU) and newsletter AUCE Anchor dated April 1975 to February 1984. Topics discussed in correspondence include financial struggles and salary erosion at SFU, 1975 strike, requests for financial assistance, support of Teaching Assistant Union, deferral of AUCE Provincial per capita tax payment due to contract negotiations, and certification of employees served by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

File also contains bulletin dated October 2, 1982, which includes agenda for general membership meeting dated October 19, 1982, and report from the delegates to the September 1982 Special Provincial Convention.

AUCE Anchor, June 1979 topics include articles in support of the SFU 18, correspondence regarding financial assistance from other unions, violation of collective agreement within library, report of SORWUC settlement, Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) contract negotiations, memo regarding "sandbagging" by supervisors, letters to the editor, and reprinted Express National Bureau article regarding Vancouver food prices.

AUCE Anchor, December 1979 topics include articles in support of the SFU 18, response to SFU President's call for library donations, letters to the editor regarding affiliation, investigation of affiliation with the Canadian Labour Congress, and "Labour Focus" column addressing recent labour news.

AUCE Anchor, May 1980 topics include SFU negotiations, TSSU negotiations, founding of Canadian Farmworker's Union (CFU), UBC strike, reprinted AUCE Provincial correspondence to the Workers Compensation Board of BC, affiliation discussions, 1980 CLC Convention, "Labour Focus" column addressing labour news, Local 2 grievances, contraction information column, letters to the editor, and uranium mining moratorium.

AUCE Anchor, March 1980 topics include October 1979 library layoffs, SFU 18 sentencing, letters to the editor, interview with Contract Committee regarding contract negotiations, Anchor publication policy, Audio Visual Board complaint to the Labour Relations Board, "Labour Focus" column addressing labour news, affiliation options, Local 2 grievances regarding job postings and maternity benefits, discrimination towards women in Elections Act, salary negotiations, students protest against government cutbacks, reprinted CUPE educational pamphlet regarding incremental salary increases, article on visual display terminals, and report on safety of Liquid Paper correction fluid.


File contains copies of outgoing executive correspondence dated April 29, 1980 to December 18, 1980. Topics include strike notice, collective agreement interpretation, strike fund assessment deductions, strikebreakers, union representatives and representation, bonuses, cutbacks, affiliation, relationship with the Provincial, office relocation and administration, funding cuts of the AMS Women's Office, the University Detachment of the RCMP, cooperation with other unions, and membership dues. Recipients consist of UBC officials and employees.

Provincial Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes dated January 15, 1977 to August 20, 1977. Topics discussed include Local reports, correspondence, convention planning and resolutions, financial and committee information, negotiations and arbitration, maternity leave issues, purchasing office supplies, interactions with other unions (SORWUC, BCGEU, CLC), strikes, and constitutional amendments. File also contains the minutes of the 1977 Annual AUCE Convention.

Provincial Executive minutes

File contains meeting minutes dated February 7, 1976 to November 20, 1976. Topics discussed include disciplinary hearing procedures, membership fees and privileges, executive elections and ballots, reports from Locals, contract negotiations, publishing the newsletter, correspondence, planning the annual convention, collaborations with SORWUC, reports on visits to Nelson and Prince George, information on the fiscal year and financial statements, conducting a referendum, attending training workshops, and the HEU strike at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). File also contains additional copies of minutes and other documents.

[Scrapbook of 1992 strike]

File contains materials relating to the 1992 CUPE strike, including photocopies of articles and photographs (originals moved, see below) and news clippings dated February 20, 1992 to March 26, 1992. Topics discussed include background information on the strike, working conditions and wages, pay equity, negotiation, effects of the strike, scabs and strikebreakers, UBC student, administration, and faculty responses to the strike, a B.C. Supreme Court injunction limiting picket locations, the student sit-in at the president's office and related statement, and the end of the strike. File also contains an envelope of additional news clippings.

RBSC-ARC-1021-PH-048 to 125, 127 (small print - photograph storage)
RBSC-ARC-1021-PH-126 (medium print -photograph storage)