Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Croquet_OvFolder36 Weekend games Item 1992
AR-0002 [Three male figures playing boules] Item [19th century?]
AR-0003 [Silhouette of woman playing croquet] Item [1940s?]
SPFilm-01 Belle isle 1941 or before, Drum Reunion, Croquet at home, funeral, ball practice - school Item [1941?]
Croquet_Box16_0048 Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Knole Item 1866
Croquet_Box16_0049 A party at Droneborough Item 1907
Croquet_Box16_0054 Le moniteur de la mode Item 1884
Croquet_Box16_0058 The terrace Item 1867
Croquet_Box17_0001 A critical moment Item 1899
Croquet_Box17_0005 Store of T. Winter Item [187-]
Croquet_Box17_0008 There's nothing like it Item 1950
Croquet_Box17_0009 Johnson & Johnson Item [195-]
Croquet_Box17_0017 The game of croquet Item 1866
Croquet_Box17_0023 And the reindeer said Item [190-]
Croquet_Box17_0028 [Illustration of girl with a croquet mallet] Item [195-]
Croquet_Box17_0031 [The Queen of Hearts] Item 1951
Croquet_Box17_0033 [Cartoon depicting a couple playing croquet] Item 1986
Croquet_Box17_0034 A coquette's croquet Item [192-]
Croquet_Box17_0039 Croaky Item 1870
Croquet_Box17_0041 Croaky Item 1870
Croquet_Box17_0042 Never too old to play croquet Item 1873
Croquet_Box17_0045 $27 Snap On Face Item 1977
Croquet_Box18_0001 From life Item 1908
Croquet_Box18_0002 [Illustration depicting croquet team] Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0004 Playing croquet Item 2005
Croquet_Box18_0006 [Illustration depicting a croquet lawn] Item 1990
Croquet_Box18_0007 [Painting depicting nuns playing croquet] Item [197-]
Croquet_Box18_0008 [Illustration depicting of a game of croquet] Item [190-]
Croquet_Box18_0010 And how long have you been a red clip? Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0011 No, I don't need a referee. Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0015 Led by lead! Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0022 A consistent approach! Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0024 Peeling action Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0026 [Illustration depicting a man playing croquet] Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0027 [Illustration depicting a man playing croquet] Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0029 [Illustration depicting political figures playing croquet] Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0030 [Illustration depicting a game of croquet] Item [199-]
Croquet_Box18_0032 La gazette des dames Item [188-]
Croquet_Box18_0041 Smithsonian Item 1992
Croquet_Box18_0044 Smithsonian Item 1992
Croquet_Box18_0051 [Illustration depicting prisoners playing croquet] Item [190-]
Croquet_Box18_0056 [Illustration depicting a cat playing croquet] Item [191-]
Croquet_Box18_0062 [The art of Winslow Homer] Item 1865
Croquet_Box18_0068 [The art of Winslow Homer] Item [186-]
Croquet_Box18_0069 [The art of Winslow Homer] Item 1867
Croquet_Box18_0071 [The art of Winslow Homer] Item 1869
Croquet_Box18_0072 [The art of Winslow Homer] Item 1869
Croquet_Box18_0074 A game of croquet Item 1865
Croquet_Box18_0080 A short rush Item 1991
Croquet_Box18_0082 [Nursey cryme] Item 1971
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