Vancouver: The Golden City of the West - Jubilee Year 1936 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1461_0001 Historic site and building of the first Vancouver post office Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0003 Granville Street, looking towards mountains Item [1931]
UL_1461_0006 Five-million bushel Grain Elevator of Canadian Wheat Pool Item [not before 1930]
UL_1461_0011 Shaughnessy Heights is a select neighborhood of fine homes Item [not before 1930]
UL_1461_0013 A Typical Residential Street Item [not before 1930]
UL_1461_0018 Holy Rosary Cathedral Item [1932]
UL_1461_0020 University of British Columbia Library Building Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0021 Alexandra Park and English Bay Item [1927]
UL_1461_0030 A Glorious Day at English Beach Item [1933]
UL_1461_0036 Ski-ing on Grouse Mountain Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0042 Harvesting the Potato Crop Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0044 A Typical British Columbia Farm Scene Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0048 Pioneer Gold Mines, near Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0052 Grouse Mountain Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0060 West Bay, looking toward Vancouver City Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0063 Rainbow Falls, Harrison Lake, near Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0064 Brandywine Falls, near Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0066 Alexandra Bridge, Cariboo Highway, near Vancouver Item [1927]
UL_1461_0004 Hastings Street, Standard Bank to Marine Building Item [not before 1930]
UL_1461_0005 C.P.R. Piers B, C, D. Grain Elevators in distance Item [not before 1930]
UL_1461_0008 Burrard Bridge, taken from Beach Avenue Item [not before 1932]
UL_1461_0010 Marine Drive is another choice residential section Item [1926]
UL_1461_0015 Hotel Georgia Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0024 Indian Totem Poles in Stanley Park Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0026 President Harding Memorial, Stanley Park Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0029 Kitsilano Beach and Swimming Pool Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0033 Jericho Golf Course Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0038 The "Seven Sisters" in Stanley Park Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0039 Loading Grain and Lumber at Lapointe Pier Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0049 Siwash Rock, Stanley Park Item [between 1927 and 1935]
UL_1461_0051 The Sleeping Beauty Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0054 Suspension Bridge, Capilano Canyon, Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0059 Capilano River, with view of "The Lions" Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0061 Marine Drive , West Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0062 View from Whytecliff, near Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0065 Snug Cover, Bowen Island Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0067 Scene on the Cariboo Highway Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0068 A Double Tunnel on the Cariboo Highway Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0002 View of Harbour taken from financial section Item [1933]
UL_1461_0014 Hotel Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0017 Vancouver General Hospital Item [1933-04-14]
UL_1461_0019 St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church and First Baptist Church Item [between 1920 and 1930]
UL_1461_0022 Entrance to Stanley Park from Georgia Street Item [1927]
UL_1461_0028 View from Prospect Point Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0031 Fishing in Capilano River Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0032 Another Capilano River Scene Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0034 Yachting at Coal Harbour Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0037 Red Cedar, Hemlock, White Pine, Hemlock and Fir--all growing together Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0040 Sawmill in Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
UL_1461_0041 View of Chicken Ranch, near Vancouver Item [not after 1935]
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