Walhachin, B.C. 1910 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1017_0018 Dam at Twin Lake Reservoir Item [1910]
UL_1017_0021 Six foot fall at Snohoosh Main Ditch Item [1910]
UL_1017_0023 Orchard of Donald Hall, Esq. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0024 Bull Lake Reservoir, looking west. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0025 Lower lake - Twin Lake Reservoir. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0026 Upper lake - Twin Lake Reservoir. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0029 Bull Lake. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0032 Office building and staff looking on to C.P.R. track. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0033 Office building in course of construction. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0034 Manager's house. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0039 Hotel smoking room. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0040 Breaking new land for orchard. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0044 Teams hauling lumber for flume. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0047 Growing crops - barley. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0050 New potatoes. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0051 A 2 year old peach tree. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0055 Growing crops - potatoes. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0001 Informal census taken of the population of the town of Walhachin, British Columbia, on the 19th day of November, 1910. Item 1910
UL_1017_0002 C.E. Barnes, C.E., Manager and Engineer-in-Charge Item [1910]
UL_1017_0003 Townsite of Walhachin Item [1910]
UL_1017_0004 Walhachin and Thompson Valley Item [1910]
UL_1017_0012 The ferry in midstream Item [1910]
UL_1017_0013 Panoramic view of new orchard. Barnes Estates. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0015 Panoramic view of Upper Ranch and river bench, with C.P.R. main line at foot of hill, in distance Item [1910]
UL_1017_0017 Part of Upper Ranch Item [1910]
UL_1017_0027 South End of Bull Lake Reservoir. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0028 Bull Lake Reservoir. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0030 West end of Twin Lake Reservoir. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0031 Higgs and Smyth poultry ranch. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0036 Walhachin Hotel. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0043 Construction camp. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0045 Orchard of William Tennant, Esq. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0053 Growing crops - onions. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0014 400 acres of orchard and farm. B.C. Horticultural Estates Item [1910]
UL_1017_0016 Part of Five Mile Flume, Snohoosh System Item [1910]
UL_1017_0022 One of the high trestles - Snohoosh Flume Item [1910]
UL_1017_0035 Walhachin Hotel. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0042 Excavating main ditch. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0046 Growing crops - beans - in two year old orchard. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0052 Irrigating intermediate crop in young orchard. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0005 The Ranch House Item [1910]
UL_1017_0006 Looking East from Ranch House Item [1910]
UL_1017_0007 The Old Orchard Item [1910]
UL_1017_0008 Thompson Valley showing bench formation Item [1910]
UL_1017_0009 Birdseye view of orchard. Barnes Estates. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0010 Part of one year old orchard Item [1910]
UL_1017_0011 The Ferry Item [1910]
UL_1017_0019 Escape gate at the cliffs, Snohoosh Flume. Item [1910]
UL_1017_0020 Snohoosh Flume at the cliffs Item [1910]
UL_1017_0037 Hotel office. Item [1910]
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