Working for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
CC-TX-209-12 Uniform code of operating rules, no: one File [1950?]
CC-TX-209-14 Uniform code of operating rules, no: four File [1950?]
CC-TX-209-15 Uniform code of operating rules, no: five File [1950?]
CC-TX-211-7-6 Two Canadian Pacific Railway Company circulars Item 1903
CC-TX-211-7-7 Pension Department rules and regulations Item 1936-09-15
CC-TX-212-3-5 List of tools and equipment Item [not before 1950]
CC-TX-214-13 Circulars pertaining to train operations File 1942-11-15
CC-TX-214-15 Rules and wages for train dispatchers, traffic supervisors, agents, operators, assistant agents, and levermen File 1951
CC-TX-215-1 General, train and interlocking rules File 1942-02-28
CC-TX-215-3 Code of safety rules and safe practices File 1949
CC-TX-218-4-1 Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company payroll for Apr. 1890 Item 1890-04
CC-TX-246-2 Continuous certificate of discharge File 1929-1949
CC-TX-249-6 My C.P.R.-book File 1936
CC-TX-274-14-3 Canadian Pacific Staff Bulletin Item [between 1940 and 1949?]
CC-TX-276-22-1 Died on Sunday Item [1937?]
CC-TX-279-28 [Receipt for $5,000 salary paid to W. C. Van Horne for the month of April 1882] File 1882-05-09
CC-TX-280-5 Regulations for the navigation of the steamships of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company File 1886
CC-TX-280-8 Memoranda File between 1882-10-26 and 1883-02-20
CC-TX-280-10 [Extract from a handbook for Chinese workers published in Victoria, B.C., 1892] File [not before 1980]
CC-TX-283-17 Agreement of services as chambermaid of Lizzie Smith File 1927-01-22
CC-TX-283-18 Manual of service rules for chambermaids, space maids, night maids, linen keepers, housemen, scrubbers File 1923-01
CC-TX-192-3-1 Railroad pocket watches in Canada Item 1980-08
CC-TX-205-6 Memo from the president about pensions and rules and regulations of the Pension Department at the Canadian Pacific Railway Company File 1902-12-08
CC-TX-209-9-4 Instructions for the care and use of steam heat, pintsch gas, and compressed air water raising system on passenger equipment Item 1907-10
CC-TX-209-9-5 Canadian Pacific code of safety rules and safe practices Item 1949
CC-TX-209-10 List of designating numbers of stations File 1899-03-01
CC-TX-209-18-1 Examination of Section and Bridge Foremen and Signalmen in the Rules Item [1950?]
CC-TX-211-17-7 Folder containing letters and more relating to Mr. A. Chase's employment Item 1958-1968
CC-TX-214-9 General instructions pertaining to the movement of trains, engines and cars File 1958-04-27
CC-TX-214-16 Haulage capacity of locomotives in equivalent tons and instructions relating thereto File 1941
CC-TX-214-19 Maintenance-of-way rules and regulations File 1907-11
CC-TX-215-6 Rules governing the determination of visual acuity, color perception and hearing of employees on steam railways in Canada File 1912-07-24
CC-TX-215-9 Staff circular : lines west of Fort William File 1907-11-01
CC-TX-225-34-1 Certificate of discharge for E. Lockwood, storekeeper on the Empress of India Item 1893-09-27
CC-TX-225-34-3 Letter from the Empress of India's purser regarding E. Lockwood's employment Item 1894-12-30
CC-TX-230-7 Continuous certificate of discharge File 1920-1945
CC-TX-236-3-2 Continuous certificate of discharge Item 1907-1910
CC-TX-246-3 Telegraph cipher code File 1916-09-01
CC-TX-276-6-1 Canadian Pacific Spanner May 1955 Item 1955-05-01
CC-TX-283-21 Private instructions to train conductors no. 7 File 1908
CC-GR-00001 Liverpool Shipwrech and Humane Society give special thanks to Captain Alexander J. Hosken for gallant and humane service in rescuing 66 passengers and crew of the S.S. Hsin Tien April 8, 1921 Item [1921]
CC-TX-196-10-4 Cold storage of eggs, butter, apples and potatoes Item 1922-08
CC-TX-209-9-3 Canadian Pacific Railway maintenance-of-way rules and instructions Item 1902
CC-TX-209-9-6 Pension department rules and regulations Item 1936
CC-TX-209-13 Uniform code of operating rules, no: two File [1950?]
CC-TX-209-16 Uniform code of operating rules, no: 6 File [1950?]
CC-TX-214-8 Canadian Pacific Express pension plan File 1954-06-01
CC-TX-214-10 Canadian Nationals Railways, Grand Trunk Railway System, Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway, Central Vermont Railway operating rules File 1929-07-01
CC-TX-214-12 General operating instructions File 1975
CC-TX-214-17 Uniform code of operating rules File 1962
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