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  • Tag used for all writing and literary projects created by Douglas Coupland, including drafts, promotional materials, and public events related to Coupland's written works.

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Writing and Literary projects (Coupland)

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Writing and Literary projects (Coupland)

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Glove Pond jacket mock-up

Glove Pond is a novella that appears in installments throughout Coupland's novel The Gum Thief, ostensibly written by one of the novel's protagonists, Roger Thorpe. When the Gum Thief was published in September 2007, a special boxed edition was also released which included a separate hardback copy of the Glove Pond novella, including a pull-quote written by Douglas Coupland on the novella's jacket.

This file contains a colour laser print on paper of the Glove Pond jacket.

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