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Ian McDonald collection
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Agreements and Job Related Reports

File contains photocopies of Local 213 and 230 collective agreements for 1949 and 1951, reports related to wages, and meeting minutes from the Steering and Negotiating Committee in 1954.

Alex Dorland

File contains remarks made by Frank G. Hanson at Alex Dorland's funeral service, a photocopied letter of condolence from Sid McArton and handwritten notes by Ian McDonald from an interview about Dorland.

Art O'Keeffe papers

The subseries contains materials collected by Art O’Keeffe, former business manager of the IBEW Local 213, including correspondence and legal documentation regarding his suspension from the union following the Lenkurt strike in 1966. Also contains...

O’Keeffe, Art, b. 1918

B.C. Electric Chronology & Facts, 1897-1962

File contains photocopied documents relating to the history of the B.C. Electric Railway Company: "Impressive Facts about the B.C. Electric Railway" (1926), "Chronology of the B.C. Electric" (1947, covering 1894-1947), "Ch...

BC Electric Histories

File contains an annual report from BC Hydro (1984-1985), a brochure showing the BC Hydro Electric Transmission System in March 1983 and BC Hydro "pocket facts" (1985). Also contains photocopies of "The Stave Falls Power Development...

Barry Sharbo papers

The subseries contains newspaper clippings, pamphlets, official correspondence, bulletins and other ephemera collected by Barry Sharbo, who was the spokesperson for the breakaway movement from IBEW Local 213 in 1967 which would eventually become t...

Bert Marcuse file

File contains copies of materials written by and related to Herbert Marcuse of the Trade Union Research Bureau in Vancouver, BC.

Business Manager Reports (1964-1966)

File contains five Business Manager's newsletters for Local IBEW 213, while Art O'Keeffe was business manager and financial secretary. Issues include June 1964, June 1965, September 1965, December 1965 & March 1966.

Collected papers

The series contains materials belonging to Ian McDonald’s father, Leslie (Les) McDonald, and other figures involved in IBEW Local 213. Materials relate predominantly to the activities of IBEW Local 213, though some papers also relate to Les McDona...

Collins Overland Telegraph - Kathleen Fitzgerald

File contains a photocopy of a "booklength feature" in The Canada West Magazine on the Collins Overland Telegraph, a telegraph system planned to stretch from San Francisco to London. The BC-Yukon section of the telegraph line is discusse...

Court Cases

File contains full text decisions of B.C. Dist. Telegraph Co. v. IBEW Local 213 (1965); IBEW Local 28 v. IBEW and Gordon Freeman, IBEW President (1961) and IBEW Local 28 v. IBEW Local 24 (1963). Although the file was explicitly grouped with the Ar...

Cypress Bowl Issue

File contains newspaper articles and memoranda related to the privatization of Cypress Bowl Park's cross-country ski trails.


File contains pamphlets and newspaper clippings related to union and labour issues in British Columbia in the 1950s which may have been collected by Jack Ross. Also contains one full issue of the BC District Union News (January 1955) and one full ...

Hot Line Tool Guide, 1955, & Hambly misc.

File contains a photocopy of the "Hot Line Tool Guide," a report by the subcomittee on hot line tools of the accident prevention committee at the Edison Electric Institute, as well as photocopies of letters from P.B. Hambly to "The ...

Hume & Rumble

File contains photocopied newspaper clippings and magazine articles related to Hume & Rumble Limited, electrical contractors, including an obituary for Fred Rumble. Also contains a photocopied brochure for Hume & Rumble (undated) and a mem...

IBEW Local 213 papers

The subseries contains materials related to the activities of IBEW Local 213 between 1949 and the mid-1970s, including affidavits, reports, correspondence and newspapers. Documented within the subseries is the internal conflict between the IBEW’s ...

Ian McDonald collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1783
  • Collection
  • [1910?]-2017

The collection contains materials related to Ian McDonald's Master's thesis research on the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 213 “Class conflict and political factionalism: a history of Local 213 of the Inter...

McDonald, Ian

Jimmy Hall (papers) - charges in 1955

File contains photocopied documents related to charges by the IBEW Local 213 against Jimmy Hall, as well as documents related to the suspension of George Gee in 1955. Also contains a photocopy of "A Ballad of 213," and photocopied report...

John McCuish

File contains a letter by Art O'Keeffe charging John McCuish with violations related to creating dissent among members, a statement from McCuish about a visit from the RCMP, a copy of the IBEW's decision on McCuish's appeal, and a p...

Kuzych vs. White (1947)

File contains a photocopied article from the Western Weekly Review concerning Kuzych v. White et al. and a photocopied section from an unidentified book on Martin v. Law Society of British Columbia.

Lenkurt papers

The subseries contains materials related to the 1966 wildcat strike by IBEW Local 213 workers at Lenkurt Electric, in which 257 members participated in a walkout that resulted in the loss of their jobs. A large number of the group were women prote...

Les McDonald papers

The subseries contains materials collected by and about Les McDonald including notebooks on his union activities and his participation at the Community Party Education Camp in 1964, newspaper articles he wrote, documents related to the appeal of h...

McDonald, Les, 1933-2017

Local 213 - Contemporary Clippings

File contains later newspapers clippings related to IBEW Local 213 collected by Ian McDonald after the submission of his Master's thesis. Also contains George Gee's obituary and memorial service program.

Pacific Tribune, 1957-1958 (strikes) re: 213

File contains photocopies of articles from the Pacific Tribune concerning IBEW Local 213's strike action against B.C. Electric, Hume and Rumble and Peterson Electric in March 1958, as well as the subsequent lockout by the Associated Electrica...

Papers from M.B's - 1939-41

File contains a letter of resignation to the executive board from Local 213 president John Bezer, correspondence and reports from IBEW Local 213 business managers and photocopied versions of the same documents (kept for conservation reasons).

Patricia Roy articles

File contains three photocopied articles written by University of Victoria History professor Patricia Roy: "Direct Management from Abroad: The Formative Years of the British Columbia Electric Railway," "The Illumination of Victoria:...

Seniority Lists & Retirement

File contains lineman and groundman's seniority lists for Peterson Electric, B.C. Electric and possible others (not all lists are identified).

Some Pioneers of Light and Power

File contains a photocopy of George Green's "Some Pioneers of Light and Power," an article about electricity as a public utility in British Columbia published in the British Columbia Historical Quarterly.

The People, WWII articles

File contains photocopied newspaper clippings from The People, a Vancouver newspaper: "Trade Union Unity Vital to War Effort," as well as a cartoon and an advertisement for the Canadian Aid to Russia Fund.

Thesis research

The series contains materials collected by Ian McDonald for the purposes of writing his Master’s thesis on the history of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213, from 1901 to 1961. Materials within the series include ...

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