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Crawford Kilian fonds
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Appointment Books

Includes C. Kilian’s appointment books. Folders are listed first, followed by
items. They are arranged by date.


“China Discovers ‘Cultural Pollution’- Again”, n.d.
‘Down but Not Out in Shanghai and Beijing”, n.d.
“Notes for a Foreign Expert’s Training Program at Capilano College”, n.d.
“Should B.C. Imitate China’s Schools?”, n.d.
“Why A New Chinese Hotel Really Means Business”, n.d.
“Why Canada needs an ‘Old Boy’ Network in China”, n.d.

Articles & Writings

“Arts Education” – includes typed notes on revisions for this article for the
Georgia Straight. – are also manuscript notes re this article.
“Draft Proposal: Vancouver Schools History Project”, Feb. 28, 2000 – includes
typed draft & manuscript notes.
“Depression in Education”, n.d.
“Charter Schools: A Solution for BC?”, for the Georgia Straight, n.d.
“The Future of Vancouver Education” Vancouver Forum Education Article, 1992
“Why Johnny can’t read (his teacher can’t either) Illiteracy Essay”, The
Vancouver Sun, Nov. 26, 1974

Articles & Writings

“An Urgent call for ‘hopeful monsters’”, The Weekend Sun, June 3, 1995
“Battling insulosis”, Interview BC Bookworld, summer 1995.
“Click-Clunk: The Importance of Paying Attention”, The Georgia Straight Aug.
“Education: A losing lottery ticket”, The Weekend Sun, Aug. 26 1995.
“Education@Home”, Office @ Home Fall 1997
“Education for What?” The Georgia Straight, Feb 1997
“Denial About Teacher’s Depressions Depressing” The Georgia Straight Dec.
“Going to School in an Aging Canada”, Home & School, May 1996
“How to Study on a Virtual campus”, The Globe and Mail. Nov. 14 1994
“Imagining the McSchool”, The Georgia Straight April-May 2000
“Is The Sun Going Down on Education?”, n.d. (published version included –
under the title “Is education a sunset industry?”, Vancouver Sun, October 30,
“Mature Students: Conquering the syndrome”, Nov.15, 1977
“Now, When I was Going to School…”, Home & School May 1995
“Spinning a New Web of Learning”, The Georgia Straight Feb. 1996
“The Education Parade: Teaching in New World”, The Vancouver Review, July
“The Frog Pond and Other Anarchic Forums”, June 1993
“The Future of Canadian Education”, Arsenal Pulp Press, Spring 1995
“The Policy Epidemic”, The Georgia Straight, Aug. 1996
“Too Many Tickets: by 2020, you’ll need a PhD to sort mail”, The Vancouver
Review, Fall 1993
“Want a job after graduation? Good Luck”, The Globe and Mail March 17, 1995
“Who Can Foretell Education’s Fuzzy Future?, The Georgia Straight August,
“Why a BA may not pay”, The Globe and Mail Oct.13, 1994
“Why Teachers Fear the Internet”, Internet World Nov. /Dec. 1994
“Words for university grads of the year 2000”, The Globe and Mail, May 18,
“2020 Vision Proves Elusive”, The Georgia Straight Sept., 1994 (included is the French translation of this article titled – “L’an 2020, une vision floue” [out of focus], Inform APPIPC, Dec., 1994

Articles and Other Writings

“Brave new worlds: The alternate realities of Canadian SF”, Quill & Quire, May 1998.
“New World Disorder: Reality on Earth outstripping science fiction”, The
Province, Dec. 3, 1991
“Propaganda in Science Fiction”, n.d.

Articles written by Kilian

The material of this series pertains to articles written by Crawford Kilian and published in a variety of magazines and journals, including the Georgia Straight. It includes copies of the articles as well of material regarding the research of article topics. Topics covered in these articles include science fiction writing, British Columbia's educational system, online writing techniques and social issues.


Most manuscripts are typed, with handwritten corrections and notes on many.
There are ‘background notes’, ‘author galleys’, ‘page proofs’, ‘copied edited
versions’, and ‘first drafts’. Several are incomplete or without titles. All of
Kilian’s major publications are included.


Foreign Experts Bureau, 1981-1982
Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages, 1983-1988


This series consists of articles pertaining to teaching English in China and aspects of Chinese culture. These are arranged alphabetically in one folder. There is material relating to the Guangzhou Institute, where Kilian and his wife were employed as an English teacher, and the Foreign Experts Bureau, to which they also applied. This material is mainly correspondence, but there is one contract included also. This is also arranged alphabetically in one folder. There is a considerable amount of correspondence which includes; letters to and from family, friends, students, colleagues and various Chinese and Canadian educational institutes and government representatives. Although the Kilian’s returned to Canada in 1984, the correspondence continues to 1989. The correspondence relates to issues such as, the reality of teaching in China, Kilian’s ideas for articles, student’s futures, visa applications, family matters, fan mail, and both Chinese and Canadian culture. The correspondence is housed in three folders and is not arranged.

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