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21 May, 1918(?); 1 undated

21 May, 1918(?); 1 undated; 4 February, 1916; 11 January, 1917; 24
March, 1917; 28 March, 1918; 26 June, 1918; 25 February, 1923; 7 March, 1925; 25 February, 1924.

Address titled Vitalism

MS of an address entitled Vitalism, presented to the Manchester
University Pathological Society, October 11, 1911. Haldane summarizes his position thus:
a. Biology has made no progress whatever in the direction of a physicochemical theory of life.
b. From the nature of the facts to be explained in connection with life a physico-chemical explanation of them is inconceivable.
c. The conception of the living organism as such is the root-conception on which alone biology as a science can be based. This conception is not reducible to anything simpler, and apart from it the facts of biology are a mere chaos.

Address to the Club

MS of The aims of biology – an address to “the Club.” “I wish to ... state
broadly ... what the real ground conceptions of Biology appear to me to be, and what the reasons are which make it very difficult to accept the proposition that the ultimate aim of Biology is to furnish physical and chemical explanations of the phenomena of life.'' incomplete.

Biological Club Address

MS of Natural selection as a mechanical theory of development –
address given to the Biological Club, June 9, 1900. 19 1. Draft copy?--has many corrections.


MS of The composition and functions of sweat, the additions to it from
the skin surface, and the diffusion of water through the skin surface. Referred to by Haldane in the MS as a “Communication”, with no information as to whom it was addressed

Correspondence between Douglas and Haldane

May 4, 1915 From Thomas Wakefield, Hempsford, Fairford, Glos. To
Dear Sir. He is not able to join the army and is “wil1ing to be used for experiments” “if you are inventing any new methods, and expresses thanks “for your great kindness to me in the past.” A.L.S.
Aug. 9, 1917 From C. Gordon Douglas (1882-1963), G.H.Q. To Dear
Haldane. Marked “Confidential.” He complains about a lack of communication with other members of the forces - "If was not so hung up out here I should try and get over to England to see you, and to stir up others who could at least act as versuchstiere!" He has been experimenting on himself with treatments for gas induced injuries to the skin. He comments on observations and post mortem results of others. Note: versuchstiere is German for experimental animal. A.L.S. 6p. Names: Fletcher, Barcroft, Boycott, Peters, Hunt, Dunn, Elliott, Hartley.
Aug. 28, 1917 From C. Gordon Douglas. To Dear Haldane. Describes an
experiment on a cat concerning absorption and excretion of di-chlor-ethyl-sulphide (etc.). A.L.S.
May 24, 1918 From C.G. Douglas, No.1 B.R.C. Hospital. To Dear
Haldane. Douglas has been in hospital with a severe case of vertigo, but is recovering and hopes soon to be back at work. He is expecting some sick leave in England. He suggests a correction to an equation in a PV paper written by Haldane. A.L.S. Names: Barcroft
July 16, 1918 From C.G. Douglas, c/o D.C.S., G.H.Q., 2nd Echelon, to
Dear Haldane. He discusses the pros and cons of bloodletting for gas victims and criticizes Barcroft (Joseph, 1872-1947), whom he considers to be too anxious to use this treatment when it is not indicated. He mentions three pamphlets on gas poisoning: "… our revised pamphlet for Medical officers ...,” a German one he has been having printed, and an advance copy of a revised French one. Typed letter with handwritten postscript, signed. 2p. Names: Barcroft, Edkins, Bayliss.
No date. From C.G. Douglas, c/o D.G.S., G.H.Q., 2nd. Echelon, B.E.F.
France. To Dear Haldane. He asks for some information regarding Aschoff (Karl Albert Ludwig? 1866-1942), a German pathologist in the military whose captured document Douglas is translating. A.L.S. Names: Aschoff

Douglas C.G. Captain

Douglas, C. G., Captain, R.A.M.C., Physiological Advisor for Director
of Gas Services, Gas shell bombardment of Ypres, July 12-13, 1917, Report M60 A/1. Typed MS. (xeroxed)

Experiment No. 11

Experiment no. 11, Saturday, May 22 (no year), conducted on a rabbit
exposed to “arsenuretted hydrogen”, written in an unidentified hand. (xeroxed)

From Geoffrey Mitchison

From Geoffrey Mitchison to his grandfather (JSH), undated.
From Naomi Mitchison (N.) to “Uffer” (JSH) (typed, signed) 16th –
(1925 or 1926).
From Sir John Burdon Sanderson: 1 undated; 2 June, 1883; 21 July,
1883; 19 August, 1883; 2 September, 1883.
From Hugh Ross: 25 February, 1883 to JSH and WSH(?); 9 March,

  1. (On church membership which they have allowed to lapse.)

From J. C. Ewart

: From J. C. Ewart: 23 February, 1884.
From John Kemp: 2 August, 1887. (Year added by hand.)
From Coutts Trotter (future father-in-law): 11 August, 1891.
From Kathleen Trotter (his fiancée): 17 August, 1891.
From Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane: 14 February, 1926.
From J.B.S. Haldane (boy): undated.
From Naomi Mitchison (N.): 17 October, 1916. (Date from postmark.)
From W.S.H. (?): 18 June, 1915.
From J. (?) – S. (Strassburg); 13 July, 1891. (Pencil note: No. 18 is
from James Lorrain Smith (1862-1931), from 1912 Professor of Pathology at Edinburgh - Steve Sturdy)

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