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Photograph series

The Haweis family photographs consist of over 1,250 black and white photoprints and negatives contained in albums, portfolios, diaries, and individual items. They cover two main subject areas: the life and times of Reverend Hugh R. Haweis and his wife, Mary Eliza Haweis, and the lives of their children, Lionel, predominantly and Hugolin and Stephen. The earlier photographs, dating back to the 1860s and 1870s, consist mainly of professional portraits of family and friends and travel views of England, Germany and Italy. Most of the photographs in this period are albumen carte-de-visites and cabinet cards. The pictures dating from the turn of the century to the 1940s revolve around Lionel's interests and those of his daughter Renee. In addition, there are professionally taken photographs by Lionel and Hugolin of friends and family and landscapes, art photographs by Lionel, and snapshots of friends.

The four albums of photographs in the H.R. and M.E.J. Haweis series will be of particular interest to social historians and those interested in the history of photography as they exemplify the social conventions of the time and the conventions in picture-taking of the second half of the nineteenth century. There are also many examples of early photographic processes. Researchers of art photography should look at the Portrait and View Portfolio in the Lionel Haweis Family sub-series, as well as his portraits of his daughter. This latter also contains 60 glass plate negative views of Stanley Park, 1912 (Boxes 17-19), which will be helpful to researchers of early Vancouver views. These photographs from Lionel Haweis' Rosetti Studios have been digitized and are available for viewing online.

The photographs in this collection have been arranged into four sub-series according to the name of the creator/collector of the pictures. This mirrors the arrangement of the manuscript materials in the Haweis family papers that have already been processed and relate the photographs to the family member and their papers which the photographs amplify and, in some cases, illustrate. The first sub-series, H.R. and M.E.J. Haweis cover 1860-1900. The photos concern all the family members, including the grandparents and the children, Lionel, Hugolin and Stephen Haweis, before the turn of the century. The second sub-series, Lionel Haweis' family, includes all those photographs taken and collected by Lionel and his daughter, Renee, between 1900 and 1940. The third and fourth sub-series, Hugolin Haweis and Stephen Haweis, which are small series, contain photographs between 1890 and 1940.

Photographs series

Series consists of photographs taken and collected by the Bollert family over the years. Many photographs are portraits of the immediate family of Mary Bollert. The series includes candid shots taken on vacation or at family gatherings and photographs in three separate albums.

Literary Works

Series consists of photostat copies of literary works by George Peele from the 1500s and a manuscript work by an unknown author in the late 1800s containing various excerpts and notes.
Title based on contents of series.

[Biographical Files]

Series consists of 2.4 m of textual records and graphic material related to nurses who have made significant contributions to their profession in British Columbia. They include records related to the person's life and career, photographs, copies of publications, memories and biographical information and other records related to nursing activities in B.C. A brief biography of each subject is included.

An item level description of file contents is located at the front of each file. A full index of all files created by the B.C. History of Nursing Society Archives with biographies, contents list and additional information is available, located in RBSC-ARC-1831-102-15.

Files are arranged alphabetically by individual's last name.


Photographs BC-2144-1 to BC-2144-147 depict locations and individuals in the early 20th century in the Vancouver lower mainland area and areas on Vancouver Island. Photographs depict members of the Wilkinson family and others.

Photograph series

Series consists of black and white photographic prints of various sizes. The images are of Dr. Argue, members of his family in Alberta, and colleagues in New York and St. Louis. Photographs are numbered according to the Archives' photograph cataloguing system and are stored in the Archives Vault series 15.1. Please ask archives staff about access.

Photographs series

Series consists of fifteen photographs that include photographs of Geoffrey Riddehough from childhood to adulthood. Photographs have been removed and filed with the UBC Library Open Collections Series UBC (77.1).

Photographs series

Photos in this series consist of photographs of M.Y. Williams' family. Photographs have been assigned series UBC 49.1, and 49.1/1 to 49.1/147 contain both prints and small prints of the Wiliams family. In this series are photos by WL Uglow taken in 1922; amongst Uglow's photographs, there are images of geological features, campsites, prospecting, logging, and BC towns such as Bakerville, Nookta village and the Tofino "life-saving station." Photos of people include CS Evans, Anthony Watson and C.O. Swanson. There is also a photo taken in Japan of Professor W.J. Head of Wisconsin. These photos can be found from 49.1/148 to 49.1/249. A group photo dated 1947 features Okalitch, Gunning, Swanson, Williams, Warren and Weir (49.1/251). There are also wildlife photos courtesy of the Canadian National Railway and photos of fossils and diatoms. The photo of dinosaur bones in UBC's Department of Geology is dated 1950. These photos are in boxes 52 (1-127) & 53 (128-269).

An itemized inventory of the glass slides is available on the last two pages of the finding aid. The glass slides are located in the vault. (49.1/270 to 382).


Series consists of photographs of various canneries, cannery owners and employees in British Columbia, and a photograph of the 1920 Canadian Fisheries Association convention.
Title based on contents of series.

Athletics photographs series

The photographs in this fonds contain headshots of individual UBC athletes, coaches, managers, and administrators. Also included are team photographs, action shots, mascots and cheer squads. In addition, there are images of the Bobby Gaul Memorial Trophy presentations, Big Block and UBC Hall of Fame events. Unidentified images have been retained; specifically, unknown women athletes and teams were retained as women’s sports are underrepresented. Predominant sports represented in the photos include Thunderbirds football, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, soccer, swimming and rowing. There are photos of UBC athletes and teams in fencing, rugby, wrestling, gymnastics, tennis, square dancing, curling, skiing, sailing and cross country track and field.


Records in this series include items of an ephemeral nature created and used during WWII, specifically at or relating to the Santo Tomas Internment Camp. Records include envelopes, sets of cards, examples of daily sanitary paper items, and temporary currency.

Photograph series

The series consists of 379 photographs that feature Frank Gnup, beginning in his late teens through his career as a football coach at the University of British Columbia. Images numbered 61.1/1-158 have been scanned and added to the UBC Historical Photographs database at:
The remaining miscellaneous photographs have not been described individually and are stored in with the textual material in Box 10, OVR1 61.1/159, and OVR3 61.1/160.

Student Papers

Series consists of papers on various topics by UBC School of Nursing students, mostly upper level or graduate. Many are for courses, particularly Nursing 440 (Nursing Care of Adults and Families), offered by Ethel Warbinek or Denise Fargey. Five of the papers are by Anne Wyness.

Arranged alphabetically by name of student.

Soccer series

The records in the Soccer Series consist of game sheets for men’s and women’s soccer games, predominantly for 2013-2014. Also found are newspaper clippings, media guides, and soccer programs. Further newspaper clippings and soccer programs can be found in the Media and Promotions Series.

Photographic Material series

Series consists of photographic prints, negatives and slides, divided into very general categories, including Sam Black and family, Black artwork and photographs taken by Black during his travels. The pictures of artwork, used in conjunction with the cancellation proofs and the lino- and woodblock prints, provide a vital record in documenting the breadth of Black's artistic output during his career.

Personal and administrative records

Records include correspondence between Kujundzic and family, friends, other artists, and fans; curriculum vitae and biographical information; references, job applications, and promotion records; personal notes and writings to art organizations; travel and immigration documents; photographs; and posthumous administration records.

Subject Files Series

Series consists of three main files: general teaching background, kindergarten general background and Commission on the Future of the Faculty of Education (COFFE).

Other Sports series

Sports found in this series include skiing, gymnastics, wrestling, rowing, sailing, and tennis. Records in this series are made up of correspondence, newspaper clippings, research materials, programs, and results.

Adult Education series

Series consists of calendars, course notes and evaluations, workshop notes and programs, bound off-prints of articles written or edited by Verner alone or in collaboration with others, and a survey about Verner's professorship in adult education at UBC. In addition, the series includes materials about rural sociology, a field of study in which Verner was also knowledgeable.

Personal series

Series includes biographical information about John Hunter, including lists of awards, résumé, obituaries, early rejection letters, cartoons, and his undergraduate thesis.

Research/Miscellaneous Material series

Series consists of research papers, local history, journal articles, annotated bibliographies, essays, reading lists and books on research topics written or accumulated by Parimenter. Most of the material is on residential schools and Indigenous education, but two items document some of Parminter's family history. One is a school exercise book, with exercises completed by hand, entitled "Practical Arithmetick" (1817), written by Samuel Bateson (Parminter's great-grandfather). The other is "Victorian School, "a history thesis written by Sheila Young at James Graham College, Leeds, England (1966), chronicling the history of Farnley School in Yorkshire, where John Vye Parminter served as headmaster from 1875 to 1909.

Ecological Reserves Applications series

Series includes records relating to the selection and confirmation of Ecological Reserves in BC. The records present in this series include correspondence, memorandums, meeting addresses, lectures, briefs, surveys, reports, “dead applications,” news clippings, Orders of the Lieutenant in Council, booklets, pamphlets, programs, check sheets, aerial photographs, park proposals, handwritten notes, and meeting minutes. Reports and check sheets on Ecological Reserves 1-39 are found throughout the records in the supporting records series. In addition, some of the reports in this series address the progress of the Ecological Reserve program in BC. Boxes: 4-8.

Events, programs and display records

Series consists of graphic, audio and textual material regarding events, programs and displays mounted by the BCHNPPG. It includes promotional flyers and pamphlets for events and programs, photographs of display material, and audio recordings of lectures presented to the Group. Also includes textual material relating to the International History of Nursing Conference June 12-15, 1997, which was sponsored by the Group.

Regional Inspector of Indian School in British Columbia series

Series consists of official federal and provincial reports, directives, guides, bulletins, addresses, residential school statistics and journal articles accumulated by Parminter during his time as the Regional Inspector of Indian Schools in British Columbia. File 1-18 is restricted due to the personally identifiable information. Any request to view this file is subject to review.

Personal and Professional Slides

This series consists of a photograph and many slides which were not in interfiled with Brown's other papers. The images consist predominantly of scenes from various parts of BC and the Yukon, as well as Brown's trips to Europe in the 1950s. A vast majority of the slides are stereoscopic, designed to produce a three-dimensional image when viewed through a special holder. Of these slides, the majority were processed by the View-Master company and are housed in the circular reels designed for View-Master viewers.

Slides and Presentation Material series

Series consists of presentation slides and some lists of slides used by Michael Smith in various presentations. Also included is a small sub-series of slides from his Nobel Prize celebrations in Stockholm and a few from Vancouver.

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