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President's Office fonds
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Administrative Office Records series

The series is the centralized administrative subject files of the Vice President's Office. It includes correspondence, reports, memoranda, blueprints, annual reports and agreements. The arrangement is both chronological and alphabetical.

Agreement series

This series contains agreements and affiliations between UBC and other parties such as the Yukon Territorial Government regarding the Teaching Education program. Also present are agreements with teaching hospitals, a joint venture agreement (TRIUMF), understanding regarding the Microelectronic Centre, affiliation with the Arthritis Society, deal with the federation of Sikh Societies of Canada, agreement with the Asia Pacific Business Institute, Agreement with the BC Lung Association, IBM Canada, Belkin Art Gallery, affiliation agreement with the Government of Canada and the United Nations, and Gift Agreements. Many other agreements are also present in this series, with similar organizations to those outlined above. Other deals are also present in the Grouped Files series, Early University Records series, Central Office Files series and Senate Committee series.

Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation series

The series consists of files from the Office of the President of the University of British Columbia, relating to the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meeting held at UBC on November 25th, 1997. Files relating to the Office of the President's involvement in the meeting organization, the build-up to the incident and its aftermath. The series includes correspondence, media files, student complaints, reports, memoranda, pamphlets, meeting minutes, and legal documents. Files have been arranged chronologically. Other records related to APEC that may be of interest can be found at UBC Archives in the following; APEC Inquiry Collection and B.C. Civil Liberties Association – APEC Inquiry fonds.

Central Office File series

This extensive series consists of records maintained in the President’s office. Arranged alphabetically by subject and then chronologically, these files include correspondence, reports, statistics, teacher evaluations, manuals, agendas, Board of Governor Committees, budgets, buildings and facilities, President’s permanent and temporary committees, salaries, finances, student discipline and Faculty department files amongst many others. Also present is a file on the Clinton/Yelstin summit in 1993 and records relating to Trek 2010. Please review the file list below for additional records present in the series.

Committees’ series

This series contains minutes, correspondence, reports, a summary of projects, printed material, memorabilia, photographs, newspaper clippings, amongst other records. Committees in this series include the Research Committee (1947-1959), President's Finance Committee (1951-1962), Committee on Appointments, Re-appointments and Promotions (1951-1959 and 1968-1973), Committee of Academic Deans (1962-1973), Board of Governor's Committees (1969), Geological Science Centre Committee (1969-1971), Aquatic Facilities – President's Planning Coordinating Committee (1975-1977), Committee on Gerontology (1976-1980), Audit Committee (1977), Faculty Review Committees (1979-80), B.C. Forecasting Committee (1978-1983), and the Budgetary Reduction Committee (1984). Also included are committees on developing a downtown presence for UBC, discrimination and harassment, ethics, employee and family assistance, art, First Nations research, FOIPPA, Japanese studies, and many others. President's Task Force on International Education, Liaison Recruiting and Admissions are also present. President Committee records can also be found in the Continuing and Permanent File series, the Central Office file series and the Senate Committee series. The latest accrual of Committee records is digital-born records from the President's Advisory Committee on Campus Enhancement or PACCE. These records include minutes on the committee's activities and an annual report from 2019-2020.

Continuing and Permanent Files series

This series contains records related to ongoing and permanent university projects, ventures, planning, and conferences. It primarily includes reports, plans and studies from task forces and committees. Boxes 414 to 422 are arranged alphabetically, and the file list below lists further records present in this series. Examples of file titles include: Asian and Pacific University Presidents’ Conference, BC Council on Admissions and Transfer, Council of University Teaching Hospitals, Communications Review, Development Office, Endowment deeds for Fellowships, Chairs, and Scholarships, External Affairs, Enrolment Statistics 1986-1993, Rick Hansen Institute, Faculty of Forestry, Hotel Management Program, Lesbian and Gay Issues, Moli Energy, Student Development, Supercomputer, Space Station and the Year 2000. Other examples of records in the continuing and permanent files series contain committee records on Teaching Evaluation and Teaching Improvement, the President’s Task Force on Continuing Education, Medical Education, Genetic Services, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Computing, Committee on Tuition, UBC Initiatives, Business Plans, Reports, Student Financial Assistance, Rising College and Tuition Costs, UBC Archives Doomsday Report, Status of Women at UBC, Advisory Committees, Main Campus Plan 1992, and UBC Academic Plan 2000. Please see the file list below for further details.

Deputy President and Bursar – William White series

The series includes four subseries, which are: Annual Financial Reports (1958-1968), Budgets (final budgets for the years 1976-1981), Correspondence Files (subject files documenting ongoing communications maintained with bodies and offices both internal and external to the University), and Capital Funds (budgets, estimates, and accompanying material including correspondence and clippings, showing financial administration of Capital projects).

Deputy Vice President – W.M. Armstrong series

The series consists of academic planning, budgets, cliff erosion reports, Vice President's meetings, President's Permanent Committees on Academic Deans and Animal Care, Appointments, Computing Centre and Emergency Research Grants. Reports including the McDowell Committee on Course and Curriculum Changes. Various Senate Committees, including the Senate Committee on the Universities Act, Library, and Role and Organization of the Senate. Also included are research administration records, course evaluation, TRIUMF, University Press, Ubyssey, Suba Diving Policy, Student Residences and Services, System Services, Physical Plant, Status of Women at UBC etc. Please see the inventory of files in the finding aid for a complete list of topics.

Early University Records series

The series consists of correspondence (1890-1920) generated both before and during UBC's first two presidents, Frank Wesbrook and Leonard Klinck. The correspondence that predates the appointment of UBC's first President Wesbrook deals with various issues, including membership in Convocation, appointments to the Board of Governors, hiring a President and selection of a site for the University. Correspondence generated during the presidencies of Wesbrook and Klinck provides information about the University's establishment, the hiring of staff, strictures placed on the University during World War I, attempts to move the University to its eventual Point Grey campus and many other matters. Arranged chronologically by year and then alphabetically. The series also includes subject files (1904-1936), divided into pre- and post-1915 and arranged alphabetically.

Grouped Files series

This series includes boxes of records titled “Government files” (1986-1993). These records include files related to the Ministry of Education, the Premier of BC, and information letters to MLAs, MPs, news releases, and other records. Also included in this series are extensive documents relating to the Health Sciences Centre (1967-1994) (six boxes), including agreements, negotiations, long-range planning, Acute Care Unit Staffing and Recruitment, correspondence, committees, costs, and reports. Documentation on the sale of the Rockwoods property in West Vancouver, owned by UBC, including appraisals and select committees. Records related to Chinese Universities Exchange, agreements, correspondence, and research expenses. This series contains records about Discovery Park, Club and Foundation (1981-1988), University Endowment Lands, the Graduate Student Centre, Aquatic Centre, the Tri-University President’s Council and TRIUMF. Other grouped files include the Centre for Human Settlement, 1976-1980, “Native Affairs” (1981-1985), including the committee on “Native Indian People & Communities” 1983-84 and “Native Indian Teacher Education Programme” (1981-82). Finally, there are also files related to Medical school expansion 1976-1983, Coal Research Laboratory (1977-1980), Vice-President Meetings (1979-1984), Centres for Excellence 1986 and the development of Engineering education in BC (1979-1985).

John M. Buchanan Memorial Fund series

H.R. MacMillan established the John M. Buchanan Memorial Fund shortly before his death in 1975. It was named for his friend, former UBC Chancellor John M. Buchanan, and administered through the President's Office. The fund was established with a $50,000 donation spent on student-related projects related to academic programmes. The University paid interest on the fund balance, but the grant terms stated that it was to be paid out over a specific period – about $4000 every year. By the time the final disbursement was paid in 1996, total disbursements were more than $150,000.

The Buchanan Fund Committee's chairs initially maintained records throughout its operation: Erich Vogt, Cy Finnegan, James Dybikowski, and Byron Hender. The bulk of the documents was transferred to the Archives by Byron Hender in 1996

Microfilmed Records series

The series consists of microfilm copies of President’s Office records (1913-1970). The original President’s Office records were destroyed after the microfilm project was completed with a few exceptions. Access to this material, which is primarily arranged chronologically and alphabetically, is through a reel content list.

The microfilm index cards have been digitized and can be requested from archives staff. The microfilm reels are stored in the vault.

Miscellaneous Financial Records series

This series contains annual balance sheets and financial statements, budget operating estimates, and university statistics for senate budget meetings (1976). Financial records in this series relate to Applied Sciences, Arts, Commerce, Forestry, Graduate Studies, VP Finance, Administrative Services, VP Faculty and Student Affairs, Dean of Women, Agricultural Sciences, Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bursar and University Development Faculty and Student Affairs. Financial records can also be found throughout the Miscellaneous Committee series, Central Office Files series and Miscellaneous Subject Files series.

Miscellaneous Subject Files series

The subjects covered in this series include Early Medical Education at UBC (1938-1948), records relating to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (1966-67), the Westar Consortium (1968-69), Campus development (1941-1982), records on the office of Research Administration later renamed Research Services (1967-1979). Subject files in this series contain information on the Asian Centre's construction, refurbishment to the President's office and records that trace the UBC Bookstore's history. Other subject files include the President's Task Force to Renew Sports Service 1987-1989. The President's Advisor files include speeches, fees, trips, Personal Security Advisory Committee, Down Town Eastside, Core Services Review and legal affairs 1998-2006.

Office of the Vice Presidency Sous-fonds

The sous-fonds of the vice president’s office consist of records made or received in fulfillment of the management and administrative requirements of the university. These records document the supervision of functions and activities of subordinate bodies; research, creation and elaboration of university programs, including academic development and community outreach; participation in presidential, university and various ad hoc committees; liaison with bodies internal to the university, such as faculty or the Alma Mater Society as well as external bodies, including, other universities, government and the private sector. The records also record budget preparation and correspondence regarding administrative matters.

There are six series in this sous-fonds dedicated to the following offices and office holders: Vice President Student and Academic Services 1986 - 2003; Vice President Administration and Finance - 1984 - 1987; Vice-President of Faculty and Student Affairs - 1975-1984; Deputy President and Bursar – William White - 1969-1984; Deputy Vice President – W.M. Armstrong - 1969-1974; Vice-President of University Academic/ Development/ Provost 1975-1985. In addition, the sous-fonds include the Vice Presidents Administrative Subject Files, 1981 series, Universities Council of British Columbia, 1974- 1983] series, and The Association of Commonwealth Universities series, 1978.

University of British Columbia. Office of Vice-President

Personnel Records series

Materials in the "Personnel Records" section of the President's Office inventory provide a wealth of information about UBC faculty members. The "Records of Employment" and "Academic Staff Records" provide biographical material for UBC faculty dating back to the university's opening. They indicate when the person began their career, promotions and salary increases. There is also salary and promotion information in the records of the "Appointment Clerk" (1950-1958) and "Salary Records" (1968-1976). The "Recommendations Re: Staff" records (1966-1985) consists of recommendations from department heads and deans for salary increases and promotions. Also included in this section are records from the Office of Personnel and Student Services (1945-1963), Faculty Records Office (1973-1985) and some miscellaneous personnel files from the Departments of Psychiatry (1958-1984) and Anaesthesiology (1970-1983). Personnel records can also be found in the Central Office Files series.

President's Office fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1194
  • Fonds
  • 1890-2020

The fonds consists of records reflecting the myriad of activities under the President's Office. Records relating to the university's founding in its earliest days include records of the early days of Medicine at UBC. Records relating to Indigenous Peoples include the teacher training program and "Native Indian Students at UBC." Documents related to faculties and departments, including Applied Sciences, Arts, Commerce, Forestry, Graduate Studies, VP Finance, Administrative Services, VP Faculty and Student Affairs, Dean of Women, Agricultural Sciences, Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Also present are records related to Women at UBC, - including reports on the Status of Academic and Non-Academic Women - Senate Committees and the Board of Governors. Personnel records related to employees, salaries, agreements with Provincial and Territorial Governments and affiliated organizations with UBC, finances, the many UBC committees, advisory groups and records associated with the founding of UBC institutes, foundations, centres and the Faculty Club. Records also relate to teacher evaluations, student discipline, budgets, appointments, new programs, legal opinion, and grant and scholarship awards. Subject files include the Downtown Eastside and the President's Task Force to renew sports services. There are also records related to the University Endowment Lands and the UBC's planning and development of land and buildings. Records types include agreements, agendas, applications, minutes, manuals, correspondence, memorandums, evaluations, reports, summaries, subject files, statistics, speeches, policies, procedures, pamphlets and academic plans.

University of British Columbia. President's Office

Rhodes Scholarship Selection series

The series includes material covering the 1930s from the committee tasked with selecting the British Columbian Rhodes Scholarship winners. Applications for the scholarship were due in late October/early November, and the committee met sometime in November or December. Applicants were primarily UBC students, but residents of British Columbia studying elsewhere were also eligible. There were several applicants from Victoria College in Victoria, B.C. Individual applications are arranged chronologically and alphabetically by the applicant's last name. They may include an official application form, letters of reference and other correspondence, academic records, medical records, and photographs. The communication contains incoming letters and telegrams and copies of outgoing letters regarding the scholarship committee's business and applicants. Primary correspondents include the secretary and other members of the committee and the Rhodes Trust in Britain. Committee copies are typed versions of the application files bound into portfolios for each application year. In addition, there are copies identified for various committee members and frequently include evaluative annotations regarding individual applicants.

Senate Committee series

This series contains records relating to the many UBC Senate Committees and ad hoc committees. Also, it includes external committees, boards, and organizations. UBC Senate Committee records related to Academic Building needs Academic Policy, Admissions Committee, Committee on Advising, Appeal on Academic Standing, Budget Committee, Curriculum, Elections, Liaison with post-secondary institutions, Planning and Priorities, Student Appeals on Academic Discipline, Student Awards, Teaching Evaluation, University Library, University Organization, University Residences, Committee of Deans, and University President's Council.
Also included, amongst the external committees, boards, organizations, foundations, and advisory councils are records related to Protein Engineering Network of Centres of Excellence (PENCE), Advisory Council on Science and Technology (ACST), Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada-China University Consortium (which includes agreements with overseas universities), B.C. Progress Board, National Science Organization Working Group, and Meetings of Administrative Heads of Unit (MADHU). Subject files are included in this series. Files include Capital Planning, the Pulp and Paper Centre, Religious Studies Museum of Canada, Open Learning Institute, Facilities Audit and Capital Renewal, Information Systems Plan, Financial Plans, Admissions office, Physical Plant, Traffic and Security, and Personnel Services. Reports by BC Post-Secondary Education Enrolment Forecasting Committee and legal opinions, transcripts and briefs, amongst other records. The above is not exhaustive of the records' scope in this series; further information can be found in the file list below.

Universities Council of British Columbia (UCBC) series

The series is a collection of records primarily from Michael Shaw's time as vice-president, with a portion being from AB Gellatly (Vice President of Administrative Services), and as such reflect the responsibilities of the Vice President Academic and Provost complimented by some financial records. The series consists of four sub-series; Committees (minutes, correspondence, notes and accompanying material from various UCBC committees); Office Records – UCBC (subject files grouped loosely by year, consisting of correspondence, agendas, grant information and memoranda, documenting UCBC activities 1985-1987); Curriculum (proposals, correspondence, and development plans for new degree programs at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, documenting how new degrees and programs were conceived and approved of through UCBC); Interior Universities Program (an adjunct to the Universities Council of British Columbia, the Board was responsible for making recommendations regarding the funding and extent of University Programs to be offered in Interior communities – it was succeeded by the Open Learning Institute in 1978 – consists of budget estimates, correspondence from committee members, memos, agendas, and related records documenting the financial development and changing scope of Interior Programs).

Vice President Academic and Development / Provost series

The series consists of records related to the Academic Women's Association, Chancellor, International Development Research Centre, Faculty & Student Affairs, Animal Care Report, Development of the Botanical Garden, Sub-Committee on Allocation of Computer Dollars, Academic Development, TRIUMF, Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Law, Medicine and Science. Records from President's Advisory committees, permanent, advisory, temporary and ad-hoc committees on Campus Land-Use, UBC Press, Parking Needs, Gerontology, Asian Centre, Computer Centre, Information Technology. Records about "Indian Education," organizational charts, and Y2K. Please see the inventory of files in the finding aid for a complete list of subjects.

Vice President of Faculty and Student Affairs series

The series consists of records corresponding to the various areas of responsibility of the position. The records reveal the changing role that the Faculty and Student Affairs office held within the university. The series includes four sub-series, which are Knowledge Network (consists of program proposals for the Open Learning Institute / Knowledge Network from faculty, along with accompanying correspondence, receipts, and memoranda), Committees (subject files consisting of correspondence, reports, and memoranda referring to Presidential and ad hoc committees); Faculties (subject files consisting of correspondence, reports, and memoranda, arranged by faculty), and Student Affairs (subject files comprised of minutes of meetings, interdepartmental memoranda, surveys, and newsletters). The records in the Student Affairs sub-series also consist of records created after the responsibility was shifted to different VP positions. This is due to several files consisting of records spanning three individuals in those differing positions in the early 1980s.

Vice President Student and Academic Services

The series consists of minutes, agendas, reports and accompanying material of presidential and ad hoc committees, as well as constitutive documents relating to the functional areas of student and academic services. The series consists of five sub-series: Administrative, Committees, Subject Files, Student and Academic Affairs, and Computing Services.